Afterparty is a game about two friends who die and go to Hell — and then try to party their way out of it. It’s an interesting premise in its own right, but in the hands of Night School Studio (who also made the brilliant Oxenfree), it becomes something truly special.

And now it’s becoming even more special, as Afterparty is getting a physical release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch thanks to Limited Run Games.

Unlike so many of Limited Run’s other offerings, it doesn’t look like Afterparty is getting the top-dollar special-edition treatment. However, there is a cool enamel pin, and the soundtrack will be available on vinyl. And really, video game music sounds absolutely awesome on vinyl.

Afterparty - Vinyl Soundtrack

Here are links to where you can pre-order the physical edition of Afterparty:

Just keep in mind this is a limited-time offer, and the pre-order window closes on February 28, 2021. Once that window closes, you’ll be left alone in the secondhand market — which itself is its own form of Hell, so I guess that’s appropriate.

You can check out the Afterparty launch trailer below.

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