No PS5 for You

Attempts at picking up a PS5 have been exhausting and seemingly futile, but that won’t stop me from trying. And today, just to make sure the shopping experience never gets any better for PS5 seekers, GameStop has once again fumbled in its attempts at making the PS5 buying process a smooth one.

I was aware that GameStop was supposed to have the PS5 in stock today. So I wandered over to their digital storefront and saw they had three options. One was the basic PS5, while the other two were bundles. One of the bundles in particular caught my eye.

GameStop PS5

Yes, this includes a second controller, Demon’s Souls, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and a $20 gift card. This is all stuff I would have bought alongside my PS5 anyway (well, excluding Spider-Man, since I already completed it on my PS4).

Note that these units don’t actually ship until February 15 for some reason. Still, I can wait, so long as I’m guaranteed to actually get one this time.

But when I clicked on the Pre-Order button, I was met with this message:

GameStop PS5

Yeah, that’s not even grammatically correct (they missed the a in a few, and their ellipsis is missing the third dot).

So I tried again. And again. And again. And after about 20 minutes of refreshing the page, it disappeared, replaced with this disheartening message:

GameStop PS5

By the way, this is the message that appears now when you try to click on any of GameStop’s PS5 options. I assume this means they sold out? It seems like, at the very least, they could create a “No Longer in Stock” message of some sort?

Once again, the PS5 carrot was dangled in front of my face, and once again, I chomped at it only to bite thin air. Like Charlie Brown, I hoped this time Lucy wouldn’t pull away the football before I kicked it, and I ended up on my back as the punchline to an oft-repeated joke. I don’t know why I expected anything else.

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