Hitman 3 - Alexa Carlisle's Office

In the Dartmoor level in Hitman 3, one of the objectives is to find a case file. This case file is in a safe in Alexa Carlisle’s office. There’s more than one way to get into her safe, but the easiest one is to just use the combination.

There are two leather chairs in the office (shown in the picture at the top of this article), and the taller of the two chairs has a button on the arm. If you push the button, a painting behind the chair will move to reveal the safe.

Hitman 3 - Alexa Carlisle's Safe

If you get a good look at the safe, you’ll notice a set of symbols above it: a clock, a telescope, a fire, and a moose.

Now, you have to look around the office and find those objects. Each one will have a plaque near it with a number on it.

The clock plaque shows the number 1.

Hitman 3 - Alexa Carlisle's Office

The telescope plaque shows the number 9.

Hitman 3 - Alexa Carlisle's Office

The fireplace plaque shows the number 7.

Hitman 3 - Alexa Carlisle's Office

The moose plaque shows the number 5.

Hitman 3 - Alexa Carlisle's Office

Put those together and you’ve got 1975. Enter this code into the safe and it will pop open. Grab the case file, and you’re good to go!

Another way to get the file is to disguise yourself as the private investigator, then solve the mystery. When you reveal the solution to Alexa (even if you give her the wrong one), she will ask you how you’d like to be paid. You can request the file here, and she’ll actually open the safe for you without any problems (I do believe this voids your Silent Assassin challenge, though, since you’re revealing your identity by asking for the file.)

If you collect both halves of the token, you can skip the safe altogether. One of them is on Mr. Fernsby (the butler), and the other is on Rebecca Carlisle. You’ll have to knock them out or kill them to get them to drop their token piece.

And there you go. No matter which method you choose, happy hunting!

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