Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is finally here, which means fans of Agent 47 have a whole new set of sandboxes for assassinating folks who may or may not have it coming. However, IO Interactive is having server issues that are causing major problems for the game’s launch.

For one, you’ll need to login to IO Interactive’s website in order to transfer progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3. The account page just keeps crashing. I don’t have an account at all, and I can’t create one because every time I fill out the form, the website crashes.

Oh well, I can just play account-less for a while, right?

Well, sort of. But a lot of Hitman 3‘s features require an internet connection, such as challenges.

Even worse, the game acknowledges online saves and offline saves as two completely different things. If you complete a mission in online mode, the game might disconnect when it tries to save, which blocks you from progressing in some instances.

Hitman 3

I had to bail on online mode entirely because my progress won’t save. None of the challenges I’ve completed are registering, and I’m not being awarded a score for completion.

It’s possible these issues are showing up because Hitman 3 is doing better than expected and the game servers just can’t handle the strain. That’s actually a good thing, as the game’s success could lead to even more Hitman content in the future (IO is currently working on a 007 game, so Agent 47’s future is a question mark at this point). But it would be nice if a larger player base didn’t have to lead to such deep and unavoidable problems.

I should point out that IO is aware of the issues, and they claim to be working on them.

I really hope these issues get cleared up soon, because Hitman 3 is actually really great so far. But these problems are really putting a damper on the overall enjoyability of the game.

Update: As the night rolls on, the issues seem to be less and less frequent. hopefully people are able to enjoy the game now!

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