Hitman 3

I grew up playing the PS2 Hitman games. Before I discovered the Hitman franchise, I hadn’t experienced a game that offered the sheer amount of playstyle freedom that Hitman did. It’s a series that rewarded me for diving deeper and deeper into each scenario to find the perfect solution to any assassination.

With Hitman: Absolution, released in 2012, the series started to fall out of favor with me. By that point, it was leaning far less on overt stealth mechanics and more on a stealth/action hybrid in the vein of the Splinter Cell series that was popular at that time.

After a four-year Hitman hiatus, I was pretty pumped to give the rebooted Hitman a try when it released in 2016, even with its episodic release schedule. But so much time has passed, and my penchant for endless trial-and-error gameplay had waned quite a bit (the release schedule didn’t make things any better). I unfortunately never finished the game.

I ended up getting Hitman 2 for free at some point, but I just couldn’t bring myself to play it, much as I tried to convince myself I would. So when Hitman 3 was announced in June of 2020, I really didn’t bat an eye.

That is, until I was listening to an episode of The MinnMax Show and one of the crew mentioned that Hitman 3 would be getting VR support.

“What?!” I shouted to no one, as I was alone in my car. I couldn’t believe my ears, for you see, I had just acquired a PlayStation VR headset, and I was hungry for some of that succulent VR content. And sure enough, while perusing the Hitman 3 page on the PlayStation Store, I saw those magical words: “VR headset enabled.”

The possibility of playing Hitman 3 quite literally (or almost quite literally) in the shoes of Agent 47 sends my excitement levels straight through the roof. My mind is reeling with the possibilities offered by hands-on Hitman assassinations, peeking through keyholes, and stuffing dudes into crates. This is exactly the kind of a new take on an old formula that gets my blood pumping. I can’t wait to garrote someone with my bare hands… um…

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