Colt Canyon

Colt Canyon is a pixel-art, twin-stick roguelike set in the Wild West, but if you’re reading this, you probably know that already. What you probably don’t know yet is how to unlock new characters in the game.

Yes, there are several playable characters in the game, but only Cade/Cate is unlocked when you start the game (you can choose if your primary gunslinger is Cade or Cate in the game options). The rest of the characters will need to be unlocked individually.

Each character has a series of weapons that can be unlocked as well, and those are unlocked after hitting various milestones throughout the game.

So anyway, here’s a guide to unlocking every character in Colt Canyon.

Colt Canyon

Cade/Cate “Gunslinger” Colt – Unlocked when you start the game.

Buck “Stab” Brewer – Die one time as Cade/Cate.

Makya “Eagle” May – Die one time as Buck.

Alice “Fox” Anger – Die one time as Makya.

Pedro “Taco” Pepe – Reach Level 2-2.

Rose “Angel” Row – Reach Level 3-2.

Bennie “Chain” Brown – If you find and rescue Bennie in the game, then recruit him as a companion when asked to choose an upgrade, you will unlock him as a playable character. He shows up randomly, so you have to get lucky (and make sure you recruit companions whenever you have the option).

One thing to look for is that Bennie is wearing a cowboy hat, while the usual prisoners have Bart Simpson-style spikey hairdos.

Colt Canyon

I found Bennie in this seed: AC1B225F0 (note that this is a PS4 seed, so it might not work on other platforms).

Olaf “One Eye” Olsen – Reach level 2-2B.

Mary “Mom” Melton – Reach level 1-2B.

Jim and Flint – Tame a dog by throwing a stick. This one is really rare because it requires two different conditions to happen in the same world.

  1. A stick needs to spawn.
  2. A friendly dog needs to spawn. This sort of dog won’t attack you on sight. Friendly dogs can spawn on Level 1-1, 1-2, or 1-3.

If you have a stick, and find a friendly dog, simply toss the stick near the dog (but not directly at it) and the dog will chase it. It will then become your companion for that run, and this will unlock Jim and Flint.

Colt Canyon

If you’re looking for a seed, I found a dog and a stick in Level 1-1 in this seed: D08AD6904 (note that this is a PS4 seed, so it might not work on other platforms).

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1 year ago

Found friendly dog and stick in this seed on PC:

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