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Believe me, I know, this is like comparing apples to something other than apples — let’s just say oranges for sake of the argument. But hear me out, because there’s a method to my madness, mad as I may be.

Considering how much effort I personally have exhausted trying to get my hands on a PS5, only to remain unsuccessful (and I am not the only one here at Half Glass Gaming who’s had this experience), I decided to pivot in a different direction. I figured the time was ripe to finally invest in an aspect of gaming I had mostly been avoiding: I bought myself a PlayStation VR setup.

I mean, there is a whole world of gaming happening in the VR side of the industry, with a shoot ton of games to experience. This is more than just pretty graphics or faster loading times — admittedly, PSVR running on my PS4 Pro does not offer either of these. No, my friend, this is a whole new world of interactive possibilities just waiting to be explored. And the best part of the bargain is that I was able to get my hands on one easy frickin’ peasy.

And let me tell you, based on how few new-gen games are even available for the PS5 (and even the ones that are available are nothing to write home about), faster loading times and cool controllers aside, there really is no actual reason to own one outside of simply owning one. I mean heck, I mostly just wanted to get a few articles out of owning a PS5 more so than actually getting to play Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which I can do on my PS4 anyway. And, truth be told, I probably got far more, possibly better articles out of not owning a PS5, so I can’t really complain.

The real surprise here is that, even though I wrote off VR a while ago as nothing more than a gimmick, boy howdy, has it blown my mind.

From the moment I fired up Astro Bot Rescue Mission, I was fully hooked on the sheer level of player immersion offered by VR. In The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, I can use one hand to grab a zombie by the hair before using my other hand to shove a screwdriver through its brain. It’s unreal. Even though I want to barf after about 45 minutes, I can’t tell you how incredible it really feels to actually be “inside” these games.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

So hey, if you happen to be unable to get your hands on a PS5, why not give PSVR a try?

In fact, why not give another console a try? Don’t own a Switch? Go get one! Don’t game on PC? Well, go build one! Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s a great time to get your hands on a super-cheap Xbox One, or a pricey Xbox Series S/X. Get yourself the Ultimate Game Pass for $15 a month, which offers over a hundred games both new and old, every Xbox exclusive, and now EA Play as well. With rumors that Ubisoft Uplay+ might be coming to Game Pass next year, well baby, you’ve really got a stew going.

Carl Weathers - Uplay Stew

My point is, your inability to get a PS5 now — or even over the next several months — might be a blessing a in disguise. Lord knows the software isn’t there to justify it, not to mention the possibility of first-run tech problems that might start cropping up. Remember the Red Ring of Death for the original Xbox 360 run? So maybe do a little research to see what else is out there.

Let Sony’s loss be your gain!

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