Red Dead Online

If you’ve been paying attention to the Prestigious Bounty Hunter role in Red Dead Online, you probably noticed that Rockstar announced that you can keep on earning money and gold even after you hit the role’s level cap of 30. And it’s true: You can continue to earn payouts beyond the level cap. The thing is, these payouts are hardly anything to get excited about.

Once you’ve reached Rank 30 in the Bounty Hunter role, you’ll continue to earn XP. You can find this in the Awards section of the Online menu.

Red Dead Online

When you earn 10,000 Bounty Hunter XP, you can trade it in for 0.5 Gold and RDO$100. That’s hardly worth the effort. Still, if you’re running bounties a lot, you should keep your eye on this and trade it in whenever you have the opportunity. Free Gold is free Gold, after all, and Rockstar’s been getting really stingy with it ever since they launched Red Dead Online as a standalone game.

So how do you get to this menu? If you’re on PS4, press the Options button to bring up the Online menu. From here, go to Progress, then go to Awards. Once you’re in the Awards menu, select Bounty Hunter, and your post-30 XP should show up here.

Once you’ve managed to get 10,000 Bounty Hunter XP, hold the square button to claim your reward. The progress bar will rest back to 0 and you can start over again. Unlike other awards, which can only be claimed ten times, it looks like you can keep earning this one as many times as you’d like.

And that’s how you claim your post-30 Bounty Hunter Rewards in Red Dead Online.

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