Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online recently celebrated the holidays by giving us vaguely Christmas-related daily challenges and allowing Cripps to set up Christmas trees in our camps. The big thing, though, was that the entire game world was covered in a layer of snow.

The snow was great. It was very good snow. Rockstar put a lot of love into making sure this was a pretty detailed and accurate representation of real snow instead of going the easy route and just painting the ground white. I appreciate all of this.

All that said, I’m actually glad to see the snow is now gone. I should point out that it lasted two full weeks, which was a week longer than I was expecting, so that’s part of it.

But also, it was becoming an obstacle. I know the Red Dead Redemption 2 game world better than I know my own real-life neighborhood, which makes doing anything in the game easier. The snow was disorienting enough that I found myself getting lost all the time. On top of this, the snowfall is harder to see through than heavy rain, which adds an extra wrinkle to visibility. What would normally take just a few minutes would turn into a 20-minute ordeal. Daily challenges (which I try to do every day) were becoming a real chore.

On top of everything else, I live in Minnesota, and the real-world snow is becoming a problem here. Trying to park in my neighborhood is miserable, because places I normally would park are just piles of snow. If I go anywhere, I’m going to come back into my apartment wet and covered in snow. I have to keep mopping my entryway to keep puddles from forming as snow melts off my shoes. It’s the worst.

I’m getting really tired of snow, both in real life and in video games, so seeing that the snow has finally been cleaned up from Red Dead Online was a welcome sight to behold.

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Avery Michale Garza
Avery Michale Garza
1 year ago

The snow isnt gone and it is quite frustrating it makes me not even wanna play the game

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