The latest Sims 4 stuff pack has some nice new hairstyles and clothing options, but the new furnishings and home décor are what really make the pack shine. Even though this pack is all about the paranormal, there’s a lot more here than spooky stuff. This Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack Build-and-Buy review will give you a better look at what you’ll get if you decide to pick up this pack.

There’s just one wallpaper in this pack, but it’s a beautiful one, and it’s available in quite a few swatches. In my builds, I’ve found that it works very well as an accent wall. The more neutral shades are also perfect for bathrooms.

In addition to the new wall pattern, there are plenty of things for you to hang on your walls. If you’re a big fan of Claude René Duplantier Guidry, the ghost NPC that’s included in this pack, there are two different portraits for you to enjoy. You might also appreciate the portraits if you’re a fan of Johnny Depp — Guidry is basically Depp in ghost form.

My personal favorite wall decorations, however, are the Bewitching Bohemian Shelf and the Reveling Petals Wall Sconce. The shelf is a great substitute for paintings and is the perfect place to display plants and other clutter items. The wall sconce has an art deco vibe and would fit in perfectly with some of the items from the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack.

There are no new windows in the pack, but there are new curtains. Like virtually every item in this pack, there are plenty of swatches to choose from. These curtains include beading, making them a perfect choice for Bohemian spaces. Sadly, there’s no way to use the curtains or the beading separately.

No Build-and-Buy review would be complete without an overview of the new chairs. There are three different styles of chairs available: two armchairs, and a dining chair. While the dining chair is designed to be used with the new Séance Table, they work with plenty of other tables as well. I’ve been using them with the Table for Squares from Snowy Escape.

If you need more spaces for your Sims to sit, there’s also a new sofa and loveseat for you to enjoy. The Violetta Von Victoria’s Loyal Sofa is probably the highlight of the pack for me; I’ve been using it in pretty much all my new builds. The pillows and throw blankets go a long way toward making your Sim homes feel lived in. I would have easily believed this couch was custom content if I didn’t know any better.

The loveseat isn’t quite as nice as the sofa, but it’s still a nice piece. It would complement a lot of the furniture from Movie Hangout Stuff or Vintage Glamour Stuff. While it’s not tagged as outdoor furniture, the piece also works very well on upscale patios.

Not only are there plenty of seating options, but there’s a nice assortment of tables to sit at or put stuff on too. The inappropriately named Chair of Rage comes in plain and patterned swatches and is a great dining table for smaller spaces. The Scrying Glass End Table is a small and stunning art deco-style table that I can see myself using again and again.

There are two versions of the Séance Table, which raises your Medium skill and allows you to contact spirits. One version includes four chairs and a crystal ball, while the other version is just the table. Unfortunately, you might have some trouble placing this item if you don’t have the bb.moveobjects cheat turned on. The standalone table takes up the same amount of space as the version with four chairs.

There are some also some very nice coffee tables, which are available in plain and patterned styles. The tables are long enough to hold three small items, but alternatively, you can place a single item in the center of the table. They’re perfect for the new Moment of Peace Tea Set Tray.

If you’re looking for a place to store your odds and ends, but you’d prefer not to use a table, you’ll appreciate the Ghost Club Sideboard and Hutch. When placed, the top shelves of these cabinets are empty. You can display your favorite items inside the cabinets, and there’s some storage space on top of the cabinets as well.

If you’d prefer a storage cabinet with a little less height, the Spirit Appeasing Hallway Table is another nice option. Although you can’t put anything inside the table, you can store items on top of it. There are a lot of small new items you’ll want to show off, like the tiny terrarium containing a cowplant.

If you love to fill your Sim homes with plants, you’ll also find some nice greenery here. The Botanical Arrangement No. 108 is on the smaller side and is perfect for corners. The Palm Reader’s Palm Tree Takes up more space, but it’s showy enough to transform a room. It’d work really well with some of the items from Jungle Adventure.

The pack also includes one new desk. Some of the swatches look like they’d be perfect for kids’ rooms, while others look like they belong in an elegant office. There are no new desk chairs, but if you have a few more packs, you should be able to find the right chair for any desk. Alternatively, the Séance Chair works nicely with some of the desks, especially the solid white swatch.

In addition to all these furnishings, there are plenty of other items that will help you finish off your home. The pack includes a new Dramatic Parquet that can be used on its own or alongside basic hardwood floor patterns. It seems like it would work really well in a room with split-level floors or platforms.

There’s also a dramatic hanging wall light, some cute hanging plants, detailed fireplaces, and some elaborate area rugs. I’m always searching for more rugs for my Sim homes, and this is a terrific option. There are plenty of swatches, which means you should be able to find a rug that matches the space you’re decorating.

Finally, there are a handful of strange items that you can only unlock via gameplay (or the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat.) I haven’t spent enough time in live mode to figure out what these items do, but they can definitely make a space feel spookier. The Creepy Doll, which was showcased prominently in the reveal trailer, is sure to be a favorite.

All and all, this is a pretty great selection of furniture and home decor, especially when you consider that this is a $10 pack. Some Sims 4 Stuff Packs feel like a waste of money — I’m looking at you, Luxury Party Stuff — but I feel like I can recommend this at full price, even without taking the new gameplay features into account. The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack is stuffed with content and it really has something for everyone (even though it doesn’t have hot tubs).

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