Derelict Void

Do you like city-building games? How about roguelikes and survival games? Are you into space exploration? If you answered “Yes!” to all of these questions, then boy howdy, have I got a game for you. Derelict Void is a city-building game set in space, with roguelike and survival elements.

The general gameplay loop is that you start out scavenging for resources. Eventually, the game shifts into a space-colony-management-style game, as you upgrade your ship and rescue survivors who will live there.

Here’s a feature list, taken directly from the game’s Kickstarter page:

  • Explore: Use your ship’s trusty engine to travel between damaged ships and debris seeking out equipment and resources.
  • Stay Alive: Build up your life support systems and try keep to it all in balance through ever dwindling supplies.
  • Optimize: Position your buildings to efficiently produce what you need
  • Take Risks: Dump the right resources for speed or follow a mysterious signal to its source. Can you learn the right gambits to keep the ship going another day?
  • Discover: What else might lurk among this debris field from your civilization? Find the lore of the void and maybe a way back.
  • Maintain Humanity: Other souls are out in the void. Can you help them or will you be forced to leave them behind to try and save yourselves?

A team of eight people — spread out across Canada, Spain, Germany, Israel, and the United States — have been hard at work on the game for a while now.

Derelict Void had a successful Kickstarter campaign back in November and December of last year, and it’s already blasting at hyperspeed toward its Early Access launch date. Derelict Void‘s Early Access version is due out March 18, 2021 on Steam.

Based on how addicted I got to Surviving Mars, Derelict Void looks like something that could easily steal a hundred hours of my life away within a week.

You can check out the Derelict Void Kickstarter trailer below.

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