Dragonborne for Game Boy

Dragonborne is an 8-bit RPG by Spacebot Interactive, and it’s had kind of a weird journey. It started out as a Game Boy title that released in 2020, and demand grew so high that it eventually started eyeballing a PC release.

And now, Dragonborne is out on Steam, so you can play the game without repairing your old Game Boy and seeking out a super-rare cartridge. The game has a price tag of $15.99, and it’s said to contain about 10 hours of Zelda-like gameplay. It also has a killer chiptune soundtrack.

Here’s a list of features, straight from the promo email:

  • Adventure RPG originally released on Game Boy.
  • Travel through the region of Argon as Kris, in search of your missing father Kurtis, the greatest dragon slayer the region has ever known.
  • Turn based battle system.
  • Various mini quests and puzzles.
  • Fight your way to each of the dragon dungeons.
  • 10 hours of gameplay.
  • Multiple enemies.
  • Various weapon and armour upgrades.
  • Character zapping system.
  • Ranking system.
  • Various collectibles.
  • Detailed battle scene graphics.
  • Multiple endings.

You can check out the Dragonborne trailer below.

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