Dragonborne for Game Boy

I wouldn’t blame you if you missed out on Dragonborne when it launched last year. It was part of the burgeoning modern Game Boy scene, launching on an actual Game Boy cartridge late in 2020. As cool as that is in concept, the amount of people still using their Game Boys is rather small. Even smaller is the amount of people using them for playing games rather than, say, making music.

Of course, despite that, Dragonborne ended up being quite popular, with a second run of cartridges going up for pre-order in January of 2021.

Dragonborne is an 8-bit RPG heavily inspired by the old-school Legend of Zelda games, though with classic turn-based combat. The story is supposedly about ten hours long, so its intentionally dated style shouldn’t wear out its welcome before the game is done. If you want to invest more time than that, however, it does feature multiple endings.

For those interested in playing Dragonborne, but not interested in dusting off an old Game Boy and trying to nab a super-rare game cartridge, I have some good news for you: Dragonborne will be out on Steam on February 12, 2021.

You can watch the Dragonborne trailer below.

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