Hitman 3 - The Proloff Parable

With the huge Hitman 3 version 3.11 update, we got some new Deluxe Escalations, including the Proloff Parable. The Proloff Parable allows you to unlock some pretty nifty stuff, so here’s a guide to completing it.

I should point out here that this is a Deluxe Escalation, meaning that all this content (including the unlockables) is only accessible to those who have the Deluxe Edition of Hitman 3.

The Proloff Parable unlocks

Hitman 3 - The Proloff Parable

First off, let’s look at these unlockables. You’ve got the White Shadow outfit, which might be my new favorite suit in the game. All you have to do to unlock it is fire up the Proloff Parable Escalation one time. You can select the mission, then quit out as soon as it loads, and you’ll still earn the suit.

The other unlocks are the White Katana and the White Sieger 300 sniper rifle, both of which are unlocked after completing the first level of the escalation. That’s right: You don’t even have to complete the full escalation to unlock everything.

How to Access the Proloff Parable Escalation Series

Hitman 3 - The Proloff Parable

This content is located in the Carpathian Mountains location menu. To find it, start at the game’s main menu, then go to Destinations. Navigate all the way to the right to the Carpathian Mountains. Select it, and you should see the Proloff Parable alongside the main story mission (Untouchable).

The Proloff Parable – Level 1 Silent Assassin Guide

The first level of the Proloff Parable is actually super easy. All you have to do is grab the suit and katana, then stab a dude. This will require you to find the rusty crowbar (to open the box that contains the katana) and the rusty old nail (to unlock the door to access your target), but both are very close to where you start.

Check out the video above if you’re struggling to find any of the required items.

The Proloff Parable – Level 2 Guide

Level 2 of the Proloff Parable isn’t difficult, but since the katana has a complication called The Blade Hungers!, you won’t be able to earn Silent Assassin here. You need to kill someone every 20 seconds or you will fail the mission (this stipulation ends when you kill the first target though).

Because you’re not focused on Silent Assassin, feel free to rush through as fast as you can and kill everyone. I’ve actually tried various ways of doing this where I didn’t kill everyone, and there are only a couple guys who I could keep alive without borking the mission.

One thing that kind of sucks about this is that if you get a stealth kill, the timer doesn’t reset until the body drops, meaning you can fail this mission immediately after a kill. It’s really frustrating to see the message “The Blade Rests” when you know you already killed another guard. Plus, occasionally you’ll get a stealth kill without resetting the timer at all (which is a bug).

The second target needs to be killed with a sniper rifle, and the trick to drawing him out sooner is to shoot the fusebox on the train car. You can reference the video to see this in action. If you don’t draw him out, he’ll eventually wander out on his own, but the wait is kind of long.

The Proloff Parable – Level 3 Silent Assassin Guide

Level 3 is the biggest challenge in this batch. No kills (besides the target). No pacifications. Don’t get spotted. It’s a tall order, but you’re guaranteed to get Silent Assassin here since the complications require it.

But really, this isn’t all that difficult. It’s a super short level, and by my count, there are eight NPCs here in total (including the woman at the computer in the very beginning of the level — you didn’t even know she was there, did you?)

There’s a woman in an office-type train car who has superhuman peripheral vision, and getting past her might be the trickiest part of this whole mission. Just make sure you snap to cover on the desks and time your sprint into the next car so that the guy near the door is facing away from you.

At the end, you’ll want to wait until the target’s back is toward you before you approach. And once you eliminate her, you’ll need her silenced pistol, so grab that. Head back out of the train car, use the silenced pistol to break the lock, then decouple the train cars. Mission over!

If you need any pointers, just check out the video above. I think you’ll do just fine though.

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