Horned Knight

I’ve said this elsewhere, but Horned Knight is a 2D platformer that feels a bit like the Bowser’s Castle stages from the Mario games. It’s also pretty difficult (though its difficulty is offset quite a bit by frequent checkpoints and infinite lives).

But the Platinum Trophy for Horned Knight is ludicrously easy. No joke, I played the game for about 30 minutes before I popped the Plat (according to my Trophy list, I popped the first Trophy at 4:50 p.m. and the Platinum Trophy at 5:18 p.m.).

The thing is, you don’t have to play the entire game to get the Plat. You just need to complete the first chapter (there are four chapters in the game). This is the second game I played this year that only required you to play a portion of the game to earn the Plat (the other game was The Pillar: Puzzle Escape).

Horned Knight - Platinum Trophy

Here’s a full Trophy list in case you don’t believe me:

  • Platinum – Get all the trophies
  • Dying twice wasn’t enough – Die 3 times
  • Infinite resurrection – Die 27 times
  • Unstoppable Knight! – Defeat 10 enemies
  • Slay them all! – Defeat 50 enemies
  • That was close – Block 5 proyectiles
  • Nobody can stop you – Block 15 proyectiles
  • You got my heart – Get an extra life
  • Invincible – Get 7 extra lifes
  • Dashing through the wind – Do 10 dashes
  • I believe I can fly – Do 40 dashes
  • First steps – Complete tutorial
  • Step by step – Complete level 3
  • Advancing by leaps and bounds – Complete first chapter

The Trophy that will take the longest is Advancing by leaps and bounds, which only requires you to clear the game’s first chapter. You will almost certainly earn all the others while you’re casually attempting to clear Chapter 1.

At the time of this writing, 87.4% of people who played this game on PS4 have earned the Platinum Trophy. That’s one of the highest completion percentages I’ve ever seen.

So if you like brutal 2D platformers and you’re looking to add some more Trophies to your digital shelf, Horned Knight is a must-play.

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