Hitman 3

On top of new Featured Contracts and Deluxe Escalations, Hitman 3‘s update 3.11 added a long-requested feature to the stealth murder sandbox game series. You now have an icon that lets you know if you’re still eligible for your precious Silent Assassin rating or if you’ve blown it. The thing is, it’s not immediately apparent how to activate it.

So here’s a quick guide to using the Silent Assassin HUD in Hitman 3.

First, you need to set it up. It’s not part of the default HUD. Thankfully, it’s easy to get it up and running. Simply go to the options menu, then go to Gameplay, then HUD. If you’re on PS4/PS5, you access this menu by pressing the Options button, then pressing L1 to navigate to the Options menu.

Hitman 3

Here, you can adjust all sorts of things, such as the on-screen timer (which a lot of speedrunners use), as well as the Silent Assassin HUD. Flip that switch and the SA icon should appear near your minimap (you will have to scroll down, because the feature is toward the bottom of the HUD menu).

Hitman 3

The Silent Assassin HUD lets you know if it’s still possible to earn the Silent Assassin rating (which is the highest ranking you can earn in a mission). So when you start out, the icon is green. If you get caught on camera, the icon will turn yellow, and a camera will start flashing. You can still claim Silent Assassin if you get caught on camera, so long as you’ve not alerted the guards and you delete the video footage. Once you delete the footage, your icon will go back to green.

However, if you perform an action that permanently voids the ranking (such as getting caught doing something illegal or killing a non-target), the icon will turn red.

Hitman 3

And that’s really all there is to it. It’s a super-simple feature, but it’s also a massive quality-of-life improvement for Silent Assassin enthusiasts. It takes away the stress of wondering if that guard sort-of-side-eyeing you from the corner voided your SA ranking or not. Now you can track your Silent Assassin progress in real time.

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Donnald Duck
Donnald Duck
2 months ago

SA HUD is not shown in Sniper Assassin mode ?

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