No Man's Sky Companions

Will the madness never end? No Man’s Sky is approaching its fourth birthday, and the updates are still not slowing down. Not only has the game successfully managed the leap to a new console generation, but it’s still packing in new features that make its infinitely playable universe even more… infinitely playable?

Today sees the launch of the No Man’s Sky Companions update, which gives players the option to tame alien creatures and keep a collection of alien pets. Not only are these pets adorable and fun, but they serve several gameplay purposes as well.

Your alien pets can help you mine resources, with shoulder-mounted mining lasers. They can also provide a light source, hunt hostile creatures, and dig up buried treasure.

You can also breed them to raise additional creature generations. Babies will take genetic traits from their parents, but won’t end up looking exactly the same, so it sounds like it will be a lot of fun to experiment and see what sort of creatures you end up with.

No Man's Sky Companions

You can also dress up your pets with accessories, and trade their eggs with other players.

This is an incredible new set of features that adds yet another dimension to the ever-expanding No Man’s Sky experience. I was initially planning on holding off on a revisit until I had acquired a PS5 (which is proving to be no easy task), but Companions is making it a lot harder to wait.

You can check out the trailer for No Man’s Sky Companions below.

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