Hitman 3 - the Deceivers

Perhaps the ultimate Hitman challenge, Elusive Targets give you a limited time and a single chance to take down specified targets and earn sweet rewards. Today, Hitman 3 got its first Elusive Targets, the Deceivers. This limited-time mission has you seeking out and assassinating Anthony L. Troutt and Richard J. Magee in Sapienza.

Now, Sapienza is a map from Hitman (2016), so I assume you need to own Hitman and have it imported into Hitman 3 in order to access this content. However, I’m not entirely certain, as I’ve already imported all that content and the Elusive Target is active for me. I’m not sure what this looks like if you only have Hitman 3.

It’s an odd choice for the game’s first Elusive Target, and it’s even odder considering this pair was actually already an Elusive Target in Hitman 2 back in 2019. In fact, both these guys were available as separate Elusive Targets before that. So if you’re a longtime Hitman player, this should feel familiar.

This is only active until March 8, so get out there and take these guys out before it’s too late.

If you’re looking for a guide to the Deceivers, you can check out a great one from Hitman YouTuber MrFreeze2244 below.

Good luck, fellow hitmen!

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