Spooky Chase

In Spooky Chase, there’s an Achievement/Trophy called The Clown Shoes, which asks you to “Unlock the Running Shoes.” It’s not super difficult to get, but it takes a bit of figuring out. In case you want to save some head-scratching, I’ve created a guide to unlocking the Running Shoes in Spooky Chase.

First off, you need to get yourself a gold balloon. A gold balloon will appear on every stage when you’re attempting to collect the final flag. Since you only need five flags to complete the first level (as opposed to ten in the other stages), you might as well do that here.

Once you collect a gold balloon, you’ll want to head back to the world map. A pathway downward from the first stage should have opened up. If you follow it, you’ll find Pongo the Clown.

Spooky Chase

There will be a cutscene where you give Pongo the balloon, then you’ll begin a candy-filled bonus stage. Once you complete the stage, the Running Shoes are yours.

Note that once you collect the Running Shoes, you can permanently use the dash move, which allows you to run faster.

And that’s how you collect the Running Shoes in Spooky Chase and complete The Clown Shoes Achievement/Trophy.

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