Cat Suit Mario amiibo

My obsession with amiibo figures is no secret. I’ve been collecting them ever since the very beginning, and I’ve amassed quite the boxful of the things.

As someone who’s weathered Nintendo’s constant mishandling of the amiibo situation, and who has remained a faithful amiibo fanatic throughout, I find it personally offensive that Nintendo has botched the Cat Suit Mario amiibo.

Just look at this.

Cat Suit Mario amiibo

For some reason, the support pillar knocks a chunk of Mario’s leg out. Come on, Nintendo! This is a man who makes his entire living by running and jumping. You can’t just hack a chunk out of the guy’s leg and expect everything to be totally fine.

I have to be honest. My patience with the whole amiibo thing has pretty much worn out at this point. I really only picked up the Cat Suit Mario and Cat Suit Peach amiibo figures because I saw that they were somehow still available when I put in my preorder for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. I impulsively tossed them into my online shopping cart, perhaps hoping to get a little taste of a bygone era of amiibo-collecting frenzy.

With this latest faux pas, I might finally be done with the whole amiibo thing. This might very well be the last straw.

Who am I kidding? Obviously, I’m going to keep buying amiibo figures. Do you really think I have enough self-control to boycott these adorable Nintendo products? Of course I don’t.

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