Blade & Soul Revolution

Blade & Soul Revolution is the mobile version of the hit martial-arts MMO Blade & Soul, and it’s now available worldwide. We here at Half-Glass Gaming haven’t dived into it quite yet, but we think it looks incredible.

The original PC game came out bin South Korea back in 2012, then in Japan in 2014. It released worldwide in 2016, and it’s been massively successful ever since. The mobile version released in South Korea in 2018, and the worldwide launch was on March 4, 2021. Yes, you can now download this Korean mobile game in the States (and it’s free to play!)

Blade & Soul Revolution includes a lot of familiar MMO trappings, featuring four playable races (one of which is all-female), five classes, and two warring factions. And did we mention PvP? But it’s the gorgeous visuals, inspired by real-life locations across Asia, that really make this worth looking into. This game is beautiful.

You can check out the Blade & Soul Revolution worldwide launch trailer below.

Of course, the trailer just shows cutscene footage, and it’s the gameplay that’s really important. If you want to see the game in action, there’s a more in-depth video, which includes PvP gameplay featuring YouTube stars Cynicalex, OrangeJuiceGaming, ProZD, and TheLazyPeon. You can check that out below.

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