Derelict Void

Today is March 18, which means space exploration game Derelict Void has finally landed on Steam. You can pick up this neat little game for $17.99 (which is currently 10% off its regular $19.99 price).

So what exactly is it?

You start out Derelict Void in a ship that’s floating through space. You’re given some options of potential destinations, though every time you travel you burn resources and, more importantly, time. Over time, your crew uses up food, water, and oxygen, and if any of those things runs out, it’s game over. So time is precious here.

Occasionally, you’ll find pieces of other ships floating in space, which you can attach to your own. Once a piece is attached, you can send your crew to explore it. Perhaps you’ll find valuable resources, or maybe you’ll just find a bunch of useless junk.

Every new destination is a gamble, as each one draws you closer to a lonely death in the far reaches of space. On the other hand, each new destination might provide some food, water, or oxygen, allowing you to stave off death for another in-game day or two.

I played a bit of Derelict Void before launch, and while it can be a little bit unforgiving in the beginning, it definitely gets better the more you learn and the more you play. In fact, my first run was pretty frustrating, but my most recent run has been really enjoyable (I had quite the streak of luck).

Oh, and it does look like Stirling Games has patched out those goofy pre-launch loading screen tips, which honestly makes me just a little bit sad.

You can check out the launch trailer for Derelict Void below.

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