Derelict Void

Derelict Void is a brutally tough space management sim that tasks you with survival in an unforgiving expanse of asteroids and rubble. Thankfully, the game is filled with tutorials to walk you through the basics and prepare you for what’s to come.

I actually think it’s best to go into the game completely unprepared. Don’t read any of the tutorials; just jump in and let yourself be confused and frustrated. Yes, you’ll die quickly — and possibly terribly — but this is the very first step in becoming successful at Derelict Void.

On your second attempt, read through the tutorial to see what you did wrong and learn how you can do better this time.

Derelict Void

See, these tutorials are text-heavy, and without context, they can be confusing and disorienting. The first time I tried to read through them, my eyes glazed over and I eventually skipped a good amount of the tutorial content. But after playing through a disastrous run, I was able to sink my teeth into the meaty text of the tutorial at the beginning of my second run and actually digest its contents. My second run was far more successful than my first (though still kind of a disaster).

I’m continuing to learn as I press deeper into the void.

Through all of this, I advise you to stay calm and try to not get overwhelmed. And the tutorials are incredibly overwhelming (admittedly, I don’t have a lot of patience for game tutorials, so some of that is on me). I like to learn by experimentation, so even failure can be a learning experience rather than a source of frustration.

Derelict Void

Also, you should know that Derelict Void has the rhythm of a roguelike rather than that of a true city-builder. You’re blasting through space and trying not to die while collecting whatever meager upgrades the RNG provides. If you want a persistent city-building sim, this is maybe not your game. But if you dig roguelikes, there’s a lot to enjoy here.

Good luck, fellow traveler, and may you successfully navigate the void!

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