Spiritmaster and Swordmaster are two of the most interesting jobs in Bravely Default II. The Spiritmaster is able to automate certain healing duties, allowing characters to be healed periodically, have their MP refilled, and even be automatically resurrected when they’re felled in battle. As the name implies, the Swordmaster is a master of swords. This job can attack twice on every turn, automatically counter, and hit opponents with a flurry of attacks.

You’ll unlock Spiritmaster and Swordmaster in Bravely Default II‘s third chapter, while playing through the main story. You’ll be able to earn both Asterisks in one battle, but in order to do that, you’ll need to take down two foes: Gladys and Helio.

Like most boss battles in Bravely Default II, having the right jobs in your party is essential. You’ll want to have a Red Mage in your party, and you should also assign someone the White Mage job so that they can serve as a backup healer. A Shieldmaster or a Vanguard can serve as your tank, and you can round out your party with some damage dealing jobs, such as Gambler, Ranger, or Berserker.

Helio has the Spiritmaster asterisk, which means he can cast regenerative spells on Gladys and himself. You’ll want to make sure you focus on defeating him first. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting rid of Gladys. Helio is weak to Wind magic, which means a Red Mage with Aeroga can make short work of him.

Once Helio is done for, you can move on to Gladys. The Swordmaster Asterisk allows her to counter your moves, which means you’ll want to be cautious with your attacks. You should try to avoid the Default command; Gladys can counter Defaults and use that to increase her supply of BP. Keep your attacks steady and make sure you keep your party healed. Gladys can hit pretty hard!

Gladys is weak to Earth Magic, which means Stonaga can do quite a bit of damage. You’ll also see nice results from the Gambler’s Flash the Cash ability and the Ranger’s Humanoid slayer attacks. If you have a Vanguard in your party, Neo Cross Slash can also bring her health down.

After Gladys goes down, you’ll have two shiny new Asterisks to play around with. While both jobs are useful, it’s especially important that you assign a character the Spiritmaster job right away. Some of the fights ahead are tough, and you’ll need abilities like Reraise to get through them in one piece. To make things even better, the Spiritmaster’s second Sub-Job ability, There in Spirit, will automatically regen HP and MP as long as your Spiritmaster has no more than 1 BP.

If you want to get JP quickly, chaining enemies is always going to be your best option. If you don’t feel like traveling all the way back to Halcyonia, seek out a spot in Rimedhal where you can find a lot of enemies of a similar type. From there, you can bait them, fight consecutive battles, and get the JP you need in no time.

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