If you need another damage-dealer in your Bravely Default II party, the Berserker job might be right up your alley. Unlike Monks, who hit hardest when they fight bare-handed, Berserkers specialize in axes. If you don’t mind giving up some control of your character, you can put them into a Berserk state, which can increase your damage output by 50%.

You’ll unlock the Berserker job in Bravely Default II in Chapter One of the main story. Of course, before you can do that, you’ll need to take down a formidable — and familiar — foe.

Your opponent for this fight is Prince Castor, who fought with your party when you took on Anihal and Bernard. Castor may not have seemed like a heavy-hitter during those fights, but now that he’s using the Berserker asterisk, he’ll be dishing out a lot more damage. You’ll need to keep your party healed up throughout the fight and watch out for one-hit KOs.

Thankfully, Prince Castor has a few weaknesses. He’s weak to Water Magic, which means a Black Mage can do a lot of damage, and he’s also weak to attacks from daggers. If you’re willing to fight dirty, you can also do a lot of damage with a Beastmaster.

When you visit the Gambling Hall in Savalon, you can accept a sidequest that will send you to an abandoned mansion. While you’re here, you can capture Cait Siths, which deal water damage. Use the Beastmaster’s Off the Leash ability to release these creatures during your fight, and Castor will go down in no time.

The Berserker job pairs very well with Vanguard, and it also works well with the Freelancer job. At Level 9, Berserkers unlock the Unshakable Will ability, which can protect against status ailments like Sleep, Paralysis, and Confusion. Because of that, it’s worthwhile to level this job even if you don’t need a Berserker in your party.

Like with many jobs, you won’t see the Berserker’s full potential until after you’ve leveled the job up. After you unlock the Berserker job in Bravely Default II, you may want to spend some time grinding for job points. The Berserker is one of the slowest classes in the game, but its high damage output still makes it a great choice for any party.

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