The Bravely Default series was designed to be a spiritual successor to older Final Fantasy games. It’s filled with elements associated with classic Final Fantasy titles, like crystals, Warriors of Light, and many familiar jobs. While the Dragoon job was absent from the first Bravely Default, it makes an appearance in Bravely Default II.

You’ll unlock the Dragoon job near the start of the game’s third chapter, while playing through the main story. After making your way through the Dragon Caves of Rimedahl, the dragon’s guardian, Martha, will challenge you to a play fight. Since this fight is just for fun, you’ll be able to rest up, change jobs, and make sure you’re completely ready before the battle starts.

This fight isn’t too challenging, but there are a few threats you’ll want to watch out for. Martha has a powerful AOE attack called Sonic Thrust. It does some pretty heavy damage, and it can leave your entire party in bad shape. You’ll also need to worry about Spirit Surge, an ability Martha will begin using in the second half of the fight. This move can drain HP and MP, making it difficult for you to use some of your hardest-hitting attacks.

Having a Shieldmaster in your party can make it easier to keep your party standing. The Shieldmaster’s Defender of the People ability, which unlocks at Level 7, can protect the rest of your party from Martha’s attacks. Since this move doesn’t require you to use any MP, Spirit Surge shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you have at least one healer to keep your Shieldmaster healthy, and assign your other two party members to offense. Thief, Gambler, and Ranger are all great options here.

After the battle is over, Martha will reward you with the Dragoon Asterisk. Like the Dragoons in Final Fantasy games, characters with this job equipped can jump high into the air, avoiding enemy attacks. This ability can be a lot of fun to play around with, especially if there’s a deadly attack that you need to escape.

This Asterisk will also give you access to the Spirit Surge ability. While this ability can cause problems for you during the fight, it can be very useful in long, drawn-out battles. MP is one of your most precious resources in Bravely Default II, and having a way to heal it can really come in handy. If you’re looking for an all-around attacker with a few fun abilities, the Dragoon job is definitely worth checking out.

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