Many jobs in Bravely Default II are about dishing out heavy damage, but the Pictomancer job is focused on debuffs. Once an enemy is weakened, Pictomancers can dish out light and shadow attacks or apply buffs to themselves and their party. This job pairs nicely with magic-based classes like Red Mage.

You’ll unlock the Pictomancer job in Bravely Default II near the end of Chapter II, when you finally face off against Folie, an artistic genius/serial killer. Folie is definitely one of the game’s most evil characters, and she can be pretty formidable, but you can take her down pretty easily with the right strategy.

The key to beating Folie is to have a Red Mage in your party. Folie has an ability, Chiaro, that can counter White and Black magic spells, making it difficult for you to heal party members. However, this ability won’t do a thing against the Red Mage’s Heal/Healara/Helaga spells. Since the Red Mage doesn’t have a Raise spell, you’ll also want to stock up on Phoenix Downs.

Once you’ve found a way to heal your party, you’ll need to find a way to damage Folie and the army of monsters fighting alongside her. The Berserker and Thief jobs can really come in handy here. Folie doesn’t have a way to counter their abilities, and both classes can dish out some heavy damage. Since the Thief’s Godspeed Strike ability can drain your MP fairly quickly, you may also want to have a Gambler to restore MP as needed. The Gambler can also deal plenty of damage with Flash the Cash.

You may have to spend some time farming job points before the Folie fight. Since Folie can counter certain types of magic, you won’t be able to rely on a White or Black mage during this fight. As long as you have a Red Mage and some other damage-dealing classes, however, Folie won’t stick around for long. You’ll be able to unlock the Pictomancer job in Bravely Default II and move on to Chapter III of the game.

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