If your preferred weapon is a Bow, Ranger is going to be one of your favorite jobs in Bravely Default II. Rangers are masters of the bow, and they also have high agility, allowing them to dodge enemy attacks. You’ll unlock Ranger in Chapter 2 of the main story, but you’ll need to get through a boss fight first.

To earn the Ranger Asterisk, you’ll need to defeat Roddy’s estranged wife, Lily. This battle is considerably harder than the Roddy fight, and you’ll need to have a strategy in mind before you start the battle. If you haven’t leveled the Beastmaster, Thief, and and Gambler jobs, you may want to set aside some time to grind for JP.

Lily can dish out quite a bit of damage to your entire party thanks to the Quickfire Flurry ability. Not only will you want to have a White Mage on duty to toss out Curagas, but you’ll want to have another character serve as a backup healer. If you’ve leveled up the Red Mage job, now is the time to use it!

You’ll want to put the rest of your party on damage duty. Beastmaster, Gambler, Monk, and Thief can really put the hurt on Lily and the Picto Amrita that she’s fighting with. Have your Beastmaster capture some Petunias as you’re walking through the woods. These little enemies can deal thousands of damage with the Off the Chain ability.

As always, your Gambler can do significant damage with the Flash the Cash ability. A Gambler can also make sure your healers don’t run out of MP too quickly. If you have a Monk in your party, Flying Heel Drop will be your most powerful attack.

Lily can paralyze your party, which is why you’ll also want to equip accessories that protect against Paralysis. Equip your characters with Earthing Rods before the fight starts. If you don’t have enough Earthing Rods for everyone, prioritize your healers. They can take care of any Paralyed party members with Basuna.

Lily can be an incredibly tough foe if you’re not prepared, but the right party can take her out pretty quickly. Once you unlock the Ranger job, you should assign it to one of your party members immediately. You’re going to need it for your next big fight!

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