If your party needs a tank, you won’t find a better option in Bravely Default II than the Shieldmaster. Shieldmasters have incredible natural defensive abilities, and from Level 2 onwards, they can hold two shields at once. You can count on a Shieldmaster to remain standing even when the rest of your party has been wiped out.

You’ll unlock the Shieldmaster job in Bravely Default II during Chapter III of the main story. Before you can earn your Asterisk, however, you’ll have to take down Galahad. While Galahad may have been tough when you faced off against him earlier in the chapter, you’ll find that it’s much easier to break through his defenses this time around.

With that said, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared before you start the fight. Some of the enemies you’ll be facing off against have elemental immunities, which is why you’ll want to make sure none of your characters are carrying elemental weapons. You should also make sure that one of your characters is using the Ranger job and that it’s at Level 3 or higher. You’ll need the Shadowbind ability during this fight.

bravely default ii shieldmaster asterisk

Like other enemies in this chapter, Galahad will have Picto monsters fighting alongside him. Use the Shadowbind ability to inflict Galahad with the Paralyze status. With Galahad immobilized, you’ll be able to focus on clearing out the rest of the enemies on the battlefield.

You’ll want to start by defeating the healer in Galahad’s party, Picto-Mona. Her White Wind ability can heal a lot of damage, and the sooner you get her off the battlefield, the better. Use attacks that can deal serious damage, like the Thief’s Godspeed Strike and the Gambler’s Flash the Cash abilities. Once Mona is defeated, remove the other two Picto monsters from the battlefield before taking down Galahad. Make sure to use Shadowbind on Galahad every time the Paralyze status wears off.

This battle can take a long time — Galahad’s defense stats are nothing to sniff at — but as long as you keep him paralyzed, he shouldn’t give you too much trouble. You may want to stock up on Ethers before the battle starts. There’s a good chance your party members will burn through all their MP before the fight is through.

Once you unlock the Shieldmaster job in Bravely Default II, you should assign it to a character as soon as you can. (If you need to grind for job points, this guide will help you farm JP.) This job is a defensive powerhouse that pairs especially nicely with the Vanguard class. If you’ve been struggling with party wipes, this job could keep your team standing.

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