Thieves can be found in most games with a Job system, which is why it’s no surprise that you can unlock a Thief Job in Bravely Default II. You’ll unlock this job in Chapter One while playing through the main story. Of course, before you can get your hands on that Asterisk, you’ll need to face off against the villainous Bernard.

Bernard can be a tough opponent, but there are a few tricks you can use that can make this fight a breeze. Since you now have access to the Beastmaster job, you can use the Capture ability to collect monsters that will aid you in this fight. (If you need to level up the Beastmaster Job, this is a great way to farm Job Points.)

On the lower levels of Bernard’s Mansion, you’ll find plenty of Minotaurs. These Minotaurs are pretty hard hitters, and they fight with axes, which Bernard is weak against. Try to capture as many Minotaurs as you can and unleash them one by one during the boss fight. You can even give every party member the Beastmaster job or sub-job for an all-out Minotaur assault.

If you’d prefer to take a more traditional approach, you’ll want to start by taking out Bernard’s guards. They’re just standard enemies, and you should be able to wipe them out with just a few hits. After that, make sure you cast Poison on Bernard. From there, focus on hitting Bernard with your strongest attacks. Bernard can heal himself with the Steal Breath ability, so you’ll need to be aggressive. In addition to axes, Bernard is weak against Earth and Electric magic and bows.

After a steady stream of attacks (or Minotaurs), Bernard will admit defeat, and you’ll get your hands on a shiny new Thief Asterisk. With a Thief in your party, you’ll be able to use Steal and Mug to collect all kinds of items from enemies. In a pinch, Thieves can also use the Steal Breath ability to refill their health.

While the Thief can’t dish out as much damage as the Monk, it’s a great utility class that you’ll want to level up as soon as you can. In fact, since Monks frequently use their own HP for powerful attacks, Thief can be a great sub-job for Monk. Once you unlock the Thief job in Bravely Default II, you’ll probably find yourself using it all the time.

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