Keeping your party alive in Bravely Default II can be tricky at times, especially when you don’t have access to the White Mage job. Without a proper healer, you’ll have to rely on items and Freelancer skills to avoid a party wipe.

Thankfully, unlocking the White Mage job in Bravely Default II won’t take you too long, and you won’t have to worry about missing the job either. You’ll automatically unlock this job and the tank-like Vanguard class after you beat Selene and Dag. (This fight occurs shortly after a weird encounter with the Wind Crystal in the game’s prologue.)

This is the first official boss fight in the game, and thankfully, it isn’t too difficult. While you may not have a dedicated healer in your party, Sir Sloan will be there to pop off a cure spell or even revive fallen characters. He’ll also attack Selene and Dag from time to time. His blows deal a lot of damage, making it possible for you to take out this duo pretty quickly.

Since Selene is a White Mage, she’ll regularly heal and buff Dag as long as she’s standing. You’ll want to have your party focus on getting rid of her first. Make sure you use the Special Move you get at the start of the fight against her. You should also take advantage of her weaknesses as much as possible; Selene is weak to Fire, Swords, and Bows.

After Selene is taken care of, you’ll need to focus your attention on Dag. Dag is weak against Lightning, Staves, and Daggers. If your party starts to struggle during the fight, focus on Defaulting and using healing items for a few turns. You can count on Sir Sloan to dish out damage while you recover.

When the fight is over, you’ll automatically unlock both the White Mage and Vanguard jobs, which you can start using immediately. Once you’ve re-classed your party members, I recommend that you spend some time farming job points before continuing the main story. White Mages gain access to the Raise spell at Level 4, and you’ll want to have that at your disposal as soon as possible.

Bravely Default II‘s job system is one of its highlights, and you can really start to enjoy the system once these jobs are unlocked. If you’ve been itching to add a White Mage to your party, you don’t need to worry. It won’t be too long before the job is available to you.

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