Breath of the Wild Burrito

I eat a lot of burritos. Heck, I ate a burrito a few hours before writing this. Specifically, I had the Chicken Avocado Burrito from El Pollo Loco. It’s good — it has cabbage in it!

Anyway, yeah, I love burritos. That’s not necessarily due to my upbringing in a Mexican household. I mean, I’m not sure if you knew this, but technically, burritos aren’t even a Mexican food item. That said, they’re typically filled with Mexican food items. You’ve got your carne asada and carnitas burritos among others. These are usually filled with rice, beans, and salsa. I even knew a place that had a chile relleno burrito. It was like a burrito version of a turducken: It was carne asada and cheese stuffed inside a giant pepper stuffed inside a tortilla. It was glorious.

Sadly, the establishment that carried that divine burrito — Manny’s El Loco in Covina, California — recently closed down after 49 years due to financial struggles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gone but never forgotten. I truly hope those folks are able to bounce back with a new food eatery that carries on the legacy of Manny’s El Loco and its lovely chile relleno burrito.

Breath of the Wild Burrito

There’s a reason I’m talking about burritos, and it’s the reason you’re here: I want to talk about the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For the purposes of this piece, and because, quite frankly, I don’t want to keep calling it “the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” I’m just going to refer to it as Breath of the Wild 2 moving forward.

I’m currently approaching 60 hours in my playthrough of Breath of the Wild. Though I picked up the game for my Wii U at launch back in 2017, I was never able to get too deep into it due to me picking up a second job at the time. Fast-forward a few years, and I’m now the closest I’ve ever been to beating that game. Well, about as close as you can get when you spend a good chunk of time in a video game climbing mountains and cooking food.

Everyone who plays Breath of the Wild cooks a lot, though, right? I feel like cooking is a staple of that game. It’s not even like the cooking mechanics are deep or anything. In fact, they’re super intuitive, which is part of their appeal. Just grab a couple apples and some courser bee honey, and you’ve got a honeyed fruit treat. Peppers and animal carcasses give you spicy meals that protect you from freezing temperatures just like in real life. And monster parts, mushrooms, and bird legs give you mush.

Cooking in Breath of the Wild is easy and fun, and I never go too long without tossing some recently collected ingredients into a skillet. After 60-ish hours, though, the food I’m coming up with is starting to look a bit same-y. It got me thinking that maybe The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 should include a wider array of food choices. You know, maybe throw in some burritos!

Breath of the Wild Burrito

Think about: If you cook a pouch of flour, raw bird leg, grains, and peppers, you’ve got a spicy chicken burrito! Swap the bird leg for some raw prime meat and you’ve got a steak burrito. You could even add a Hyrule bass or a crab to make a Hyrulian surf-n-turf burrito! Or maybe you could mix some eggs and Hyrule’s equivalent of bacon to make a delicious breakfast burrito! Don’t have flour? Use masa to make some tacos.

I know I would geek out if I saw Link just casually chowing down on a burrito as he takes on the evil forces that plague the land of Hyrule. Honestly, though, Breath of the Wild 2 would have to go deeper than just letting you toss ingredients into a skillet and playing a little jingle. I want to see link turn that flour or masa into a tortilla, place the ingredients on it, and roll it up.

Breath of the Wild Burrito

Now, I highly doubt Nintendo would put a large amount of manpower into creating a full-on cutscene of Link making a breakfast burrito, but I’ll take a super-quick five-second animation! And you know what? I don’t know what this says about me, but I’m just going to put my cards on the table now: I would gladly pay $5 for a DLC pack that lets me make burritos in Breath of the Wild 2. But only if it includes that aforementioned five-second animation. No animation, no dice! Okay, maybe I’d still pay, like, a dollar for it.

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