Red Dead Online

I was moseying around in Red Dead Online (as I tend to do), when I came upon something I’d never seen before. I was climbing a steep hill north of Aurora Basin in Tall Trees when I found a rocky overlook. I decided to climb up there and see if I could get my bearings a bit. I also was curious how far I’d be able to see from such a vantage point.

It turns out, I can see almost the entire game map from this one spot.

Here’s where I was standing, in case you want to head out there and see for yourself.

Red Dead Online

Observe the map above, which shows a huge portion of the full game world. I’m saying this because I want to emphasize the sheer distance that I’m talking about here.

Now check out the view facing west.

Red Dead Online

From this spot, I can see Tall Trees. I can also see the buildings of Blackwater. Beyond that, I can see Flat Iron Lake. I can see the islands in Flat Iron Lake, and I can even see the opposite shore of the lake. I can see Braithwaite Manor grounds, and I can almost see Rhodes from here.

Because it might be hard to see in the screenshot above, here’s what I’m looking at:

Red Dead Online

Incredible, right?

Plus, if you look to the south, you can see a sizeable chunk of Mexico.

Red Dead Online

It’s absolutely astonishing that you can see this far in Red Dead Online. That draw distance is absurd. The game is drawing in landmass that’s as far away from me as one end of New Austin is from the other, east to west.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredible game, and even as someone who’s spent more than 700 hours in the online portion alone (not taking into consideration the almost-200 hours I’ve spent in story mode), I’m still finding things that I’ve never seen before. And sometimes, some of those things take my breath away.

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