IO Interactive Reveals Hitman 3 March Roadmap, New Elusive Target, and Berlin Egg Hunt

Hitman 3 - Egg Hunt

As Hitman 3‘s February content is winding down (the Elusive Targets are still active), IO Interactive has revealed their plans for March. Hitman 3 is getting plenty of new content in March, including more Featured Contracts, the final Deluxe Escalation, another Elusive Target, and the game’s first-ever holiday-themed event (note that I said “the game’s first-ever” here and not “the series’ first-ever,” as holiday content is a long-running Hitman staple).

Hitman 3 - March Roadmap

Here’s what we can expect in March:

March 4

  • The Lesley Celebration (Berlin Escalation)

March 11

  • Chongqing Featured Contracts by Easy Allies

March 19

  • The Stowaway (Elusive Target on Isle of Sgàil) – Expires March 29

March 25

  • Mendoza Featured Contracts by Eurogamer

March 30

  • Berlin Egg Hunt Holiday Event – Expires April 12
  • The Satu Mare Delirium (Deluxe Escalation on Berlin)
  • Game Update

The Berlin Egg Hunt turns the game’s Berlin map into an Easter egg hunt, and it allows us to unlock the Raver Outfit, which is shown at the top of this article. Unfortunately, the unlockable version doesn’t include the evil-looking bunny mask.

There are more unlocks to earn throughout March aside from the bunny (ahem, raver) outfit. It’s somewhat safe to assume that the Elusive Target will give us access to the Tuxedo, Mask, and Gloves suit.

On top of that The Deluxe Escalation includes these unlocks:

  • The Straightjacket (Suit)
  • The Taunton Dart Gun (Pistol)
  • The Straitjacket Belt (which I assume is a strangulation wire that would be filed in Melee)
Hitman 3 - March Roadmap

We don’t yet know what will be in the March 30 game update, but IO claims it will “further improve the overall experience, resolve issues and prepare the game for new content that’s currently in the works.” Hopefully they’ll finally figure out the Requiem content!

You can check out the Hitman 3 March roadmap trailer below (it’s age-restricted, by the way).

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