Roots of Pacha

If you’re a fan of Harvest Moon-style farm sims, you’re going to have no shortage of things to play in the next couple years. From the adorable Everafter Falls to the beautiful character art of Coral Island, there’s a lot of really great stuff to look forward to.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t add yet another amazing-looking farm sim to our list. Roots of Pacha takes the Stardew Valley/Harvest Moon formula and takes it way back to the prehistoric era.

With this ancient time period, there are some fundamental changes that we think are going to lead to interesting gameplay elements. For example, instead of buying seeds at a store, you’re going to have to gather seeds and experiment with them to see what sorts of crops you produce. You’ll also be need to domesticate your livestock rather than purchase it. Both of these changes mean there’s a lot more scavenging than the typical farm sim.

Plus, there’s a Flintstones-like look to the characters that’s pretty neat.

Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha is in the middle of a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Developer Soda Den was initially asking for a mere $35,000, and the game was funded within 24 hours. Now, they’re setting their eyes on stretch goals (and they’ve hit several already).

Here are the current stretch goals:

  • $40,000: Wedding Planner – Choose your marriage location and style.
  • $55,000: Water Bender – Travel and fish in rafts and canoes.
  • $70,000: Tundra Region – Discover new animals and plants in the glacier.
  • $85,000: Camping – Place a tent to sleep anywhere.
  • $100,000: Ball Sport – Compete and win the Ballon d’Or.
  • $125,000: Iron Age – Find resources and develop new ideas.
  • $150,000: Volcano Cave – Venture in the caves of an active volcano.
  • $185,000: Turtle Islands – Native species and crystalline beaches await.
  • $230,000: Kids Grow Up – Watch them grow and become apprentices.
  • $275,000: Loyal Friend – Your pet will follow, help & play with you.

If you want to support Roots of Pacha and get your foot in the door early, head over to their Kickstarter page.

You can watch the announcement trailer for Roots of Pacha below.

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