Cozy Grove - Feeding an Imp

Cozy Grove was one of Half-Glass Gaming’s most anticipated games of 2021, so we’re glad that it’s finally here. A few of our staffers are enjoying it quite a lot, including myself, though there are a few things that some players are struggling with a bit. A lot of folks are asking about feeding imps, as well as feeding your pet birds, so I thought I’d address both of these things quickly here.

This won’t be a long guide (like some of the other guides I’ve written), but I certainly hope it’s a useful one for anyone who’s just starting their Cozy Grove adventure.

How to feed imps in Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove - Feeding an Imp

Let’s start with the imps. Thankfully, Cozy Grove actually has a tutorial to imp feeding. I believe it should pop on Day 4, and it will show up as a quest from Patrice Furbac, the postal worker. Before this, however, you’ll start spotting hungry imps wandering around and you probably won’t know what to do with them.

I should emphasize here that you can’t just feed any old imp; you need to find one that’s hungry. When an imp is hungry, you’ll see a bubble over their head that shows the exact food item they’re looking for. Be sure to keep your distance, because the imp will run away if you get too close.

If the desired item is in your inventory, equip it (so it’s in your hands), then throw it at the imp (it’s the same process as if you were casting your fishing rod).

Cozy Grove - Feeding an Imp

The imp will eat the food, then a heart will appear over its head. At this point, it’s finally safe to approach. You can walk up to the imp and press the action button (X on PS4) to get a response. You’ll typically be rewarded with something at this point.

This should also count toward the Imp Welfare Trophy/Achievement and merit badge.

How to feed birds in Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove - Feeding a Bird

Feeding birds is a different process, so I’ll explain that as well.

First off, birds are just one type of pet you’ll find in Cozy Grove, but it’s highly likely that your first pet will be a bird. This same process should work for all pets in the game.

Like imps, hungry birds will have a bubble over their head that shows what they’re craving. Obviously, this is the item that you need to feed it. However, instead of throwing the item at the bird, you can approach, then press the action button to interact with it. This will bring up a menu.

Cozy Grove - Feeding a Bird

This is the part that can be a little bit confusing. If you have the desired item in your inventory, your menu options will be “Pick up” and “Feed.” If you don’t have the item in your inventory, your options will instead be “Pick up” and “Pet.” (And after you’ve fed the bird, your options should be “Pick up” or “Harvest.”)

Just select the “Feed” option and you’ll give the requested item to the bird. A heart will pop up over its head, and you should then be able to harvest some essence from the bird.

Note that there are some food items that looks quite similar. Roasted Mushrooms and Roasted Root Vegetables, for example, look a lot alike (though the bowls they come in are different colors). If the “Feed” option isn’t showing up for you, you should verify that the item in your inventory does indeed match the one that’s being requested.

There are Trophies/Achievements/merit badges for feeding Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 animals (Animal Raising Tier 1, Animal Raising Tier 2, and Animal Raising Tier 3 respectively). Depending on the tier of your bird (likely Tier 1 if you’re at the beginning of the game), this will count toward one of those.

And that’s really all you need to know about feeding birds and imps in Cozy Grove!

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