Cozy Grove Guide: How to Get a Tin of Flower Pigment

Cozy Grove - Ink

In Cozy Grove, you’ll probably see a whole lot of crafting recipes that call for an item called Tin of Flower Pigment. Unfortunately, you can’t craft this by talking to Jeremy Gruffle, and you can’t cook it by talking to Allison Fisher. You also can’t burn anything in your campfire to produce it, and you’re unlikely to procure it by foraging or as a quest reward.

So how the heck do you get a Tin of Flower Pigment in Cozy Grove?

Well, you might have noticed that there’s one method of “crafting” that I haven’t yet mentioned, and it is your answer. You need to talk to Francesca DuClaw, who will recycle things for you. In case you’re unfamiliar, Francesca is the bear that looks like a tree.

Cozy Grove - Francesca DuClaw

When you talk to Francesca, there’s an option to recycle things (the text reads: “I want to recycle something.”). All you have to do is recycle some flower petals and turn them into Tins of Flower Pigment.

Thankfully, you can grow your own flowers, which can be harvested every few days. The “happier” a flowering plant is, the more flower petals it will give you. To maximize your petal harvest, you’ll want the plant’s happiness to be at three leaves.

The leaf level of your plants works pretty much the same as the heart level of your pets. To see a plant’s likes and dislikes, simply walk over to it and press the action button.

Cozy Grove - Potted Iris

The Potted Iris in the image above likes potted flower plant, lamp, and cozy décor and dislikes rustic décor. For this particular plant, you’d want to surround it with lamps, other potted flower plants, and anything tagged as cozy décor to raise its happiness level, while keeping it away from anything tagged as rustic décor.

So harvest some petals, bring them to Francesca, then recycle them into Tins of Flower Pigment. You’ll be swimming in Flower Pigment in no time!

Oh, and if you need extra backpack slots to store all those flower petals, check out my guide to expanding your backpack inventory in Cozy Grove.

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