Cozy Grove - Egg

In Cozy Grove, eggs are a precious, precious resource, but they tend to be few and far between. I’m pretty sure the game’s developers want it to be that way — the game works really hard to prevent players from acquiring massive piles of eggs, especially in the early stages of the game. Still, there are a few ways I’ve found to get eggs reliably and regularly in Cozy Grove.

You’re going to need a lot of eggs once you start cooking, so you should start collecting them as soon as you possibly can. This means that expanding your backpack can be a great boon. If you want to know how to expand your backpack inventory, check out this guide. Otherwise, read on to learn about getting eggs in Cozy Grove!

Buy eggs from Kit

Cozy Grove - Kit

Kit (the bear/fox who runs the shop) will typically sell you one egg per day, and each one will cost 180 Old Coins. Even if you don’t need eggs right away, you should start stocking up on them from day one, so get into the habit of stopping at Kit’s shop daily.

Farm eggs from pet birds

Cozy Grove - Birds

Your pet birds will eventually drop eggs regularly. There are some conditions you’ll need to meet first, however.

Most importantly, you want your bird’s happiness level to be a full three hearts. This gives you the highest chance of getting an egg. To raise that heart level, you need to surround that bird with the things it likes and keep it separated from the things it doesn’t. If you aren’t sure what these are, you can always check by pressing the action button to interact with a bird. This will bring up a menu that shows you what its likes and dislikes are.

The Young Moon Bird shown below likes lamps and cozy décor and dislikes imps, so it’s best to put it near lamps and anything tagged as “cozy décor” while keeping it away from imps.

Cozy Grove - Birds

Make sure you feed your birds every day (I’ve explained bird feeding in a previous guide, so I won’t do that again here). Whenever you feed a bird, you’re given the option to harvest essence from it. And when a bird’s heart rating is high enough, it has a chance to give you an egg when you harvest from it.

Note that it might not be possible to feed every bird every day once you get a good collection going. I have seven birds in my current file, and they typically want crafted food. The amount of food I need to make daily is greater than the amount of harvestable resources available in a day, so I typically only feed them when I have the correct items. Still, I do make it a point to check with them every day.

If you could get around the resource problem and produce crafted dishes in bulk, you’d be well on your way to making a real egg farm. As is, you should still be able to get a few eggs per day, depending on what you’re able to cook that day (or the previous day, since cooking an item takes a real-world hour).

Buy eggs in bulk from Pandam

Cozy Grove - Pandam

Pandam is a traveling merchant who only shows up on Wednesdays. His inventory is always chock full of eggs, so he’s a really great source for all of your egg needs. In fact, in my first encounter with Pandam, I scored a dozen eggs and six Boiled Eggs. They can be a little pricey this way, but it’s well worth the cost, I would say. Eggs aren’t easy to come by!

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