Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a very fun Animal Crossing-like game made by a small studio called Spry Fox. With a smaller studio at the helm, the game is less afraid of jumping into emotionally delicate material than the folks at Nintendo might be, which makes Cozy Grove a more poignant experience. On the other hand, the game has a few issues that needed a little extra polish.

Well, a little extra polish is here with Patch 1.05. This fixes a lot of early-game exploits and bugs, and rebalances mid-game quest difficulty (as someone who time travelled way, way ahead in order to catch all of the fish, I can say with some certainty that mid-game needed some hardcore balancing). It’s good to see Spry Fox addressing some of these issues, and I can only hope that this level of support continues into the foreseeable future.

Here are the Cozy Grove 1.05 patch notes:

  • Significant performance improvements.
  • Fix exploit where you can sell started bird for ash and buy for coins. Now sells for coins.
  • Fix some harvestables not showing their harvestable state correctly.
  • UI improvement: snap decoration placement cursor to next point in pattern.
  • Unlock lower-tier repair tool badges even after upgrading tools, so people can’t get stuck never earning the badge.
  • Improve reward from one of Jeremy’s recurring quests which had potentially lackluster rewards.
  • Fix exploit: time travel can make it possible to harvest an animal multiple times.
  • Reduced requirements for several quests that seemed overly difficult or time-consuming to complete. (Especially true for Lee Berry.)
  • Imps only drop imp essence.
  • Mr. Kit can now sell more essence.
  • Fixed issue preventing rare shells from spawning correctly in the springtime.
  • Increase stack limit to 50 on branches, greens, processed fruit, processed root, processed mushrooms.
  • Fix: some final bear quests weren’t awarding loot properly.
  • Display error message when time traveling backwards, to help prevent players from harming their save files.
  • Repair polish: Play animations when repairing item.
  • Increase amount of early storage available to players.
  • Make sure all parts of arrow buttons are clickable on options menu.
  • Prevent opening badge menu when busy with an uninterruptable action, like fishing.
  • Only common and uncommon decoration recipes and non-pro and non-master food recipes will now drop in first 2 days of play.
  • Fixed potential softlock in baker bear quest.
  • Increase likelihood of obtaining gold in certain situations.
  • Further reduced the possibility of getting 1 fruit/berry/flower from a three-leaf plant (down to just 1% now).
  • You now only receive essence recipes from donations.
  • Improved some quest hints.
  • Fixed potential softlock in Wolf bear quest.
  • Blob fish can drop wood instead of just sticks.
  • Fix for Ranger not accepting any adult deer like the hint says.
  • Fixed potential softlock in Baker bear quest.
  • Reduced vibration intensity.
  • Reduced tier-up costs for silver and gold ingots, to make them more obtainable.
  • Reduced request for rare shells from Veggie bear Q#2 from 5 to 3.
  • Fixed hitch when receiving a hidden object quest.
  • Improved decoration placement experience with controllers.
  • Fixed duplicate recipes when quickly collecting many rewards.
  • Fix for game locking when fishing a wood branch out of the water.

Keep ’em coming, Spry Fox!

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