Dungeon and Gravestone - Big Tree

Dungeon and Gravestone is an incredible roguelike dungeon crawler with a voxelated art style that I adore. But if you’re reading this, then you probably already know that.

In Dungeon and Gravestone, there is a big tree in Genesis Town (the hub village) that is said to be ill. Approaching the tree or talking to the closest villager will clue you in that the tree is sick and needs to be healed, but there are no instructions on how to do that. Thankfully, I’ve put together a quick, handy guide on healing the big tree in Dungeon and Gravestone.

If you talk to the wizard that hangs out next to the tree, one of the possible text bubbles you’ll see has him wishing he had a serum.

Dungeon and Gravestone - Big Tree

This is your fist clue: You need to find a serum to heal the tree. So where do you find this serum? In the dungeon, of course!

What you’re looking for is a tree that grows inside the dungeon. Keep in mind that the dungeons are randomly generated, so you may or may not find one on any run, and you might have to try several runs before you encounter one. For reference, they look like this:

Dungeon and Gravestone - Big Tree

Once you find a tree, you’ll need to kill it. These things have a ton of health, so you’ll be hacking at it for a while, especially if you have low-tier weapons (or no weapon at all). Trust me, the tree will eventually break apart if you do enough damage. Once it does, it will drop a tree serum.

Once you have the tree serum, you’ll need to exit the dungeon without dying (if you die, you will lose the serum). Now bring it back to the tree by simply walking up to it, and you’ll have the option to use the serum to heal it.

Dungeon and Gravestone - Big Tree

Once you do this, all that’s left to do is wait. Go and explore the dungeon again, and when you come back out, the tree should have grown fruit. Approach the tree again to collect the fruit, which will contain a random food item. It might even be a fish!

You can do this multiple times, and after each time, the tree goes back to being sick. I’m not sure if you can eventually heal it fully, but I’ve done this more than a dozen times at this point and it still reverts back to being sick as soon as I collect the fruit.

Dungeon and Gravestone - Tree Serum

Note that you can find multiple trees per run if you’re lucky, and each one will drop a tree serum. You can hold multiple vials of serum at a time, but you can only use one on the big tree per run.

And that’s how you heal the big tree in Dungeon and Gravestone!

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