Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is currently just over a week into its Season of Greed.

Hold up, let me back up for a minute.

So, instead of sticking with its usual monthly updates, Hitman 3 has switched over to a “seasonal” release schedule, with a season being four to six weeks in length. Each season will cover one of the seven deadly sins and will come with a heap of content for players to enjoy, whether those players own the full trilogy or are playing the free-to-play Starter Pack version of Hitman 3. All of this is part of the greater Seven Deadly Sins expansion pass.

First up is the Season of Greed, and it started back on March 30. Despite being more than a week deep at this point, IO Interactive has finally revealed the roadmap for this season of content. It features not one but two elusive targets, a holiday event (which is almost over at this point — get your Raver Suit before it’s gone for a year!), new Escalations, and new Featured Contracts, this time by Two Angry Gamers and Achievement Hunter.

Hitman 3 - Season of Greed

Here’s everything that was announced for the Season of Greed:

March 30

  • Berlin Egg Hunt Holiday Event – Expires April 12
  • Greed: The Satu Mare Delirium (Deluxe Escalation on Berlin)
  • Game Update

April 9

  • The Collector (Elusive Target on Dartmoor) – Expires April 19

April 15

  • Featured Contracts by Two Angry Gamers (taking place in Dubai and Dartmoor)

April 23

  • The Politician (Elusive Target on Hawke’s Bay) – Expires May 3

April 29

  • The Jinzhen Incident Escalation Series (taking place in Chongqing)

May 6

  • Featured Contracts by Achievement Hunter (taking place in Mendoza, Chongqing, and Berlin)

May 10

  • Game update

Hitman 3 is sort of a piecemeal experience, so not all players will get to enjoy all of the content. Some content will be available for people who only have the Starter Pack version of the game (the Hawke’s Bay Elusive Target should be available to those players). However, you’ll need to own the full version of Hitman 3 to enjoy any content that’s on a Hitman 3 map (which is the vast majority of the content listed above), and you’ll also need to pony up for the DLC if you want to take part in The Satu Mare Delirium to get your sweet, sweet unlocks.

There’s a lot to keep straight here, which is why I just bought everything. It was easier to cough up the dough than to try to figure out what I do and don’t have access to.

Anyway, you can check out the trailer for the Hitman 3 Season of Greed below.

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