If you’re tired of Shieldmaster and Vanguard in Bravely Default II but you’d still like to try another tanking job, the Bastion job should be right up your alley. Not only is this job effective at soaking up damage, but it can dish out some pretty heavy hits as well. Tanks are essential for most of Bravely Default II‘s boss fights, which means this job should definitely come in handy.

You’ll unlock the Bastion job in Chapter 4 of the main story, after facing off against Lonsdale. Since Lonsdale has strong defenses, powerful buffs, and devastating attacks, you’ll need to make sure you have a solid strategy for this battle.

Since you won’t get the Bastion asterisk until after the fight is over, you’ll need to use a different tanking job against Lonsdale. I’d recommend Shieldmaster for this fight. The Defender of the People ability is the best way to protect your team against strong physical attacks. Try giving your Shieldmaster the Freelancer sub-job, since the Freelancer’s Square One ability can get rid of Lonsdale’s buffs.

Lonsdale can counter physical attacks, which means the safest way to hit him is with magic. Since he’s weak against Dark magic, you may want to try using an Arcanist in this fight. The Gambler‘s Flash the Cash ability is another great way to deal some damage. Use a White Mage with Spiritmaster as a sub-job so that you can keep your party healed up and healthy.

This fight can take a while, but you should be able to break through Lonsdale’s defenses if you persist. After that, you’ll have a shiny new asterisk to play with! The game might feel like it’s winding down, but you’ll want to take the time to level the Bastion job. At this point in the game, you still have quite a few boss fights ahead of you.

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