Bravebearer is the final missable job you’ll encounter in Bravely Default II, and it’s also one of the trickiest to unlock. In order to unlock the Bravebearer job, you’ll need to defeat the final boss and reach the game’s first ending. The Bravebearer asterisk plays an important role in the true ending of the game.

After you’ve reached Bravely Default II‘s end credits, reload your previous save and backtrack. You’ll find that your characters remember the events of the ending and are eager to find a new and better way to save the world.

At some point, you’ll be prompted to head back to the site of Sir Sloan’s grave. If you don’t remember where the gravesite is, you’ll find in the mountains to the east of Halycyonia. After a few more story sequences, you’ll find yourself battling against a young version of Sir Sloan.

Sir Sloan was a powerful fighter when he was alive, so it should be no surprise that this can be a pretty tough fight. Thankfully, you can make this fight much easier on yourself by utilizing the Phantom and Ranger jobs. Set Phantom as your main job so that you can take advantage of its secondary specialty, and use Ranger to keep Sir Sloan paralyzed throughout the fight.

After the fight, you’ll receive the Bravebearer asterisk, which means you can start the journey towards the true and final ending of the game. Bravebearer is an unusual job with abilities based around how you’ve played Bravely Default II. For example, Practice Make Perfect is a physical attack that deals damage based on the number of hours you’ve played the game. If you’ve wasted countless hours mastering every job in the game, your hard work will finally pay off.

You’ll still have to get through another very tough boss fight if you want to see the game’s real ending, which means you shouldn’t hesitate to assign this job to one of your party members. Once you’ve managed to unlock the Bravebearer job in Bravely Default II, you can start working toward a happy ending.

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