Hellblade is the last job you’ll unlock while playing through the main story of Bravely Default II. It’s about as powerful as you would expect a late-game job to be, with powerful attacks that can hit more than one enemy at once. While this job doesn’t necessarily have the best defenses, the Hellblade gets stronger as its HP gets lower.

To unlock the Hellblade job, you’ll need to defeat Adam, who you might remember from the game’s prologue. Adam is a formidable foe, but there are quite a few strategies you can employ that will make this fight easier for you.

The most important thing you’ll need for this fight is a character that’s mastered the Phantom job. At level 12, you’ll unlock the Phantom’s secondary specialty, which ensures that status effects will be triggered every time you use them. There are two status effects that Adam is susceptible to: Poison and Paralyze.

If you pair Phantom with the Ranger subjob, you can use the Shadowbind ability to keep Adam paralyzed for most of the fight. This will help to protect your party against some of Adam’s tougher attacks. To make sure you stay safe when he’s not paralyzed, your party should also include a tank, like a Shieldmaster or a Vanguard, and a White Mage. Pair White Mage with the Spiritmaster subjob so that you can cast Reraise on all your party members. Finish your party off with another heavy hitter, like a Thief or a Gambler.

After you’ve defeated Adam, you’ll be rewarded with the Hellblade asterisk. While this is definitely a powerful job, it’s not essential for the rest of the game’s boss fights. If you’d prefer to rush through the rest of the story and rely on the jobs you’ve already leveled, you can absolutely do that.

With that said, you still have plenty of boss fights ahead of you at this point in the game. If you to want to give the Hellblade job a try, you’ll have lots of opportunities to see what this job can do!

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