Phantom is one of the last few jobs you unlock in Bravely Default II, but it’s still incredibly useful. The Phantom’s secondary ability, Results Guaranteed, ensures that any ability effect with a percentage chance of occurring will be triggered. This allows you to Paralyze and Poison bosses without fail.

You’ll unlock the Phantom job in Savalon, while playing through Chapter 4 of the main story. After a brief side quest that requires you to talk to council members and gather information, you’ll come face to face with Marla. Like with most of Bravely Default II‘s bosses, you’ll need to put together the right party to make it through this fight.

Marla can counter physical attacks, which means you’ll be better off hitting her with spells. Since Marla is weak to Light magic, Spiritmaster is one of the most effective classes to use against her. Black and Red Mages are also a strong choice for this fight, but you should avoid using an Arcanist. Marla is resistant to Dark magic.

Most of Marla’s moves will hit one party member at a time, but her attacks are fast and strong. Protect your party with the Shieldmaster‘s Defender of the People ability. Reprisal is also an excellent way to dish out some extra damage. Make sure at least one character has White Mage as a job or subjob. You’ll need a steady healer during this fight!

Marla’s defenses are fairly weak, which means you should be able to take her out quickly with a steady stream of magic-based attacks. After that, you’ll receive the Phantom asterisk. This asterisk pairs very nicely with the Ranger and Salve-Master jobs.

You’ll want to have a fully-leveled Phantom in your party for virtually all of the remaining boss fights in the game, so you should start leveling this job as soon as you can. I’d recommend taking a quick detour to farm JP before moving on to the next part of the story.

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