For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a weakness for mysteries. As a kid, I devoured Encyclopedia Brown and Clue books. When I grew older, I moved onto Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, and John Dickson Carr. I loved the feeling of piecing clues together and trying to crack a case before the big reveal.

I don’t think I’m cut out to be a real-life detective, but I’m always happy to play one in a video game. There’s a natural gameplay loop to any mystery. You collect evidence, interrogate suspects, and present your solution before time runs out. I’ve played plenty of great mystery games over the years, but Murder Mystery Machine looks like it could be a near-perfect detective simulator.

In Murder Mystery Machine, you’ll follow two detectives, Nate and Cassandra, who work at the District Crime Agency. Together, you’ll need to explore crimes scenes and confront suspects with the clues. You’ll be able to make deductions at your detective workspace, where you can view and connect the evidence you’ve gathered. The game’s cases are written by film and TV writers, and they look like they’ll be pretty satisfying to solve.

According to the developers, Murder Mystery Machine is heavily inspired by film noir. I’m assuming that means that witnesses won’t always tell you the truth, and your investigations probably won’t have happy endings. This might not wind up being the coziest of games, but I’m really looking forward to getting lost in a dark and cryptid mystery.

The first 7 episodes of Murder Mystery Machine are currently available to play on Apple Arcade. The full game will be released on PC and consoles later this year. You can get a glimpse of the cases that await you in the trailer below:

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