Biomutant - Adventurer

Biomutant features a Trophy/Achievement called Adventurer, which asks you to “Discover all 7 Environmental Biomes.” While this jives with statements and articles that boast of Biomutant‘s seven biomes, there are actually 13 by my count. There are eight world biomes and five hazard zones. And that’s not counting anything that’s underground, which maybe could count as its own biome (though hazard zones spill into underground areas, so maybe not).

When you enter a new biome for the first time, the narrator should give you a little monologue about that biome. You’ll also see a title card in the bottom-left corner of your screen that lets you know you’ve moved into a new biome.

Biomutant - Biome Entered

So which biomes count for the Adventurer Trophy/Achievement? Well, I’ll explain all 13 biomes, but in short, here are the seven that count:

  • Yerpfields
  • Deadzone
  • Surfipelago
  • Fnackyleaves
  • Knupstonies
  • Mushimosh Mire
  • Kluppy Dunes

There’s one more world biome:

  • Whereabouts

On top of that, there are five hazard zones. These are:

  • Heatzone
  • Coldzone
  • Radioactivity Zone
  • Biohazard Zone
  • Hypoxia Zone

So now let’s walk through all 13.


Biomutant - Adventurer

Yerpfields is basically in the very center of the world map. It’s the area immediately surrounding the Tree of Life, and it features mostly open fields and cliffsides. This is your basic green, grassy RPG biome.


Biomutant - Deadzone

The Deadzone is the area on the southwestern part of the map. Its canyons are hypoxia zones, so you’ll need the Oxygen Suit, the Mekton, or super high hypoxia resistance to travel in them (though you can travel safely in higher elevations without such protection). The Ankati Tribe Fortress is in the Deadzone, and so is the Jumbo Puff. This area is bordered on its western edge by an ocean of oil.


Biomutant - Surfipelago

The Surfipelago is a series of islands with high cliffsides in the southeastern corner of the world map. The Porky Puff is gnawing on a root here, and this area is mostly traversable via the Googlide.


Biomutant - Fnackyleaves

Fnackyleaves is a forested area in the northwestern part of the map, filled with streams and steep hills. Here, you’ll find Whiz the inventor, the Northwestern Worldeater, and the Pichu Fortress.


Biomutant - Knupstonies

The Knupstonies is an orangey red desert biome on the eastern edge of the map, covered in high, rocky mountain peaks. You’ll find the Hoof Puff here, as well as the Netra Tribe Fortress.

Mushimosh Mire

Biomutant - Mushimosh Mire

Mushimosh Mire is a fetid swampland filled with scrap metal. It’s north of the Knupstonies, and the Lotus Tribe calls it home.

Kluppy Dunes

Biomutant - Kluppy Dunes

The Kluppy Dunes is the northernmost part of the map, and you could easily complete the game without ever visiting this biome. However, you really should check it out. Not only is it required for the Adventurer Trophy/Achievement, but this is where you’ll find the airship (the Gullblimp) and my favorite item in the game, Sol’s Trunk. Of course, this is a heatzone, so you’ll need to be prepared to beat the heat if you venture up here.


Biomutant - Whereabouts

I’m not sure why Whereabouts doesn’t count as one of the seven biomes. Perhaps it’s because it’s where you start out, or maybe it’s just too similar to other biomes (it’s like a cross between Yerpfields and Fnackyleaves). This is a forested valley in the very southern portion of the map. You’ll find the Myriad Tribe and the Jagni Tribe here, as well as Bunker 101 (where the game begins).


Biomutant - Heatzone

Heatzones aren’t consolidated into one area but scattered across the world. You’ll recognize them on your map because they’ll be orange-reddish areas. Like the name suggests, they’re filled with fire and lava, and you’ll need heatzone resistance if you wan to traverse these areas safely. The Heatzone Suit works, or you can just work to crank your heatzone resistance to 100% by farming Bio Points.


Biomutant - Coldzone

Coldzones are the exact opposite of heatzones. They’re cold and filled with snow, and they’ll require coldzone resistance in order to travel them safely. There is a Coldzone Suit, but you can also raise your natural resistance to 100% if you farm enough Bio Points. You can tell an area is a coldzone because it will appear light blue on your world map.

Radioactivity Zone

Biomutant - Radioactivity Zone

Radioactivity zones are exactly what they sound like — areas with high levels of radiation. They’ll appear bright pink on your map, but they’ll also be filled with toxic, pinkish-purple clouds. They usually feature broken-down factories, irradiated palm trees, and purple crystals. Get a Radioactivity Suit or invest Bio Points into your radioactivity resistance if you want to survive.

Biohazard Zone

Biomutant - Biohazard Zone

Biohazard zones are really just the green version of radioactivity zones. They’ll be fluorescent green on your map, and they’ll have bright green toxic clouds. They’ll also usually have a nuclear silo or two, and the vegetation is gnarled and spiny. Also, these are great places to farm Morks for Bio Points. Just make sure you have your Biohazard Suit!

Hypoxia Zone

Biomutant - Hypoxia Zone

And last up, we have hypoxia zones, which are areas where the air is too thin to breathe. You’ll usually see tons of trash, discarded tires, and ruined buildings. To counter the effects of hypoxia, you’ll need the Oxygen Suit or the Mekton. You can’t invest Bio Points into hypoxia resistance for whatever reason (perhaps because this is more about the ability to breathe than it is about resisting harsh climates?)

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