Biomutant - Ark Blueprints

If you’ve made it deep enough into Biomutant, then you’ve surely encountered the Ark, a Millennium Falcon-looking spacecraft that will supposedly take you off-planet if the world becomes hopelessly unredeemable. There are seven seats on the Ark. One is for you, one is for Out-of-Date, and one is for your clan leader. The other four can be filled by characters of your choosing.

The choice is a tough one. You can only pick four, and your decisions are final — even if you decline a character a seat on the Ark, you cannot go back and change your mind. Plus, some characters will decline your offer based on your Aura. To get the exact team you want (with no regrets), you must plan carefully.

That choice will be much easier if you have a complete list of recruitable characters. That way, you can choose your Ark-mates — at least in the back of your mind — before you ever have to make any regrettable decisions.

Note that even if you don’t end up recruiting one of these characters, it’s still well worth your time to complete their quests, as they often wind up giving you some of the best loot in the game.

I’ve tested every recruitable character with both a Maximum Light and a Maximum Dark Aura to see who will accept or decline the offer. I haven’t tested with a Balanced Aura, though. So here’s a complete list of every recruitable character for the Ark in Biomutant.


Biomutant - Boom

Boom is an explosives expert (well, sort of) with a stall at Puffduff Bluff. You never know when you need to blow things up, so he could be an asset to your crew. Then again, he can also be a little unpredictable, so you’ll really have to weigh the pros and cons here.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Boom will decline.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Boom will accept.


Biomutant - Chu-Chu

Interested in having drawn-out conversations about free will versus determinism? Then Chu-Chu is going to be your companion of choice. Honestly, though, I really can’t think of anything else he brings to the table. If you want to leave him behind, I won’t judge you.

Note that you can’t recruit Chu-Chu until you’ve completed Whiz’s quests.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Chu-Chu will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Chu-Chu will decline.


Biomutant - Gill

Gill likes aquatic creatures, and he seems to have a big heart. However, I can’t imagine he’d be happy on the Ark. He seems more like he wants to stay back and watch the water un-goop itself. I’d almost feel bad taking Gill with me on the Ark.

But if you want to, then go for it.

Oh, but definitely finish his questline, because he gifts you an aquatic mount.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Gill will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Gill will decline.


Biomutant - Gizmo

There are quite a few gadget-savvy critters on this list, but Gizmo has known you since you were a kid! (Well, so has Lobo, but Lobo wasn’t in any of your flashbacks.) He might be a good choice for making on-the-fly repairs and upgrades to the Ark.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Gizmo will decline.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Gizmo will accept.


Biomutant - Goop

Goop has known your character since they were a little kidling, so it’s going to be pretty hard to turn him down when he asks to join your Ark excursion. I mean, he taught you how to swim, for crying out loud! You never know where you’re going to end up, so having someone fit for underwater adventures couldn’t hurt, right?

  • Maximum Light Aura – Goop will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Goop will decline.

Gulp Glugswig

Biomutant - Gulp

Gulp can be found drinking his life away at the Sinkidink bar in the Surfipelago. If you need a drinking buddy for your off-planet adventure, Gulp’s your dude. Of course, that could also be a bit of a problem…

  • Maximum Light Aura – Gulp will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Gulp will accept.


Biomutant - Honki

If he were living in the present, Honki seems like the sort who would start pyramid schemes — not joining already established ones, but creating his own from the ground up. There’s a bit of a grifting nature to him, which could be advantageous, though it could also bite you in the back. If you recruit Honki, you might want to keep an especially close eye on him.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Honki will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Honki will accept.

Juju Mojomecker

Biomutant - Juju

Juju is a fashion designer who runs a clothing shop in a place called Faraway. While he’s certainly good at what he does, fashion design doesn’t necessarily seem like the most useful skill for a journey on the Ark. Then again, we can assume that you’ll need fresh clothes on your journey, so maybe he’s onto something after all.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Juju will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Juju will decline.


Biomutant - Jumble

Jumble is a humble seller of tasty juices with a shop outside the village of Namby. You never know when his juice-making skills will come in handy. I’m inclined to say that Jumble might pair nicely with Gulp.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Jumble will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Jumble will decline.

Klick Klack

Biomutant - Klick

Klick is a master of unlocking who runs a little locksmith cart near Mambleklump. While being able to unlock things ends up being incredibly useful in the world of Biomutant, it’s probably not going to be an essential skill to have aboard the Ark. But then again, you never really know…

  • Maximum Light Aura – Klick will decline.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Klick will accept.


Biomutant - Lobo

Lobo hangs out at the Blimpstation in the Kluppy Dunes (and she reminds me just a little bit of Gadget from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers). She’s another character with a knack for fixing things, the most important of which is the Gullblimp. Since she’s good at building and fixing things that fly, she might be a good option for the Ark, which also flies.

Definitely complete her questline, because she’ll give you the Helipack as a reward.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Lobo will decline.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Lobo will accept.


Biomutant - Lump

“Lump sat alone in a buggy marsh…”

Lump bakes cookies. If you want an endless supply of cookies for your journey on the Ark, then Lump’s your dude.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Lump will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Lump will accept.


Biomutant - Maya

Maya lives in the Hex House way out in the swampland of the Mushimoosh Mire. She’s an odd woman, though she does have an interest in joining the Ark. Of course, it seems like she’s more interested in turning it into a poppet theater than actually traveling anywhere in it.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Maya will decline.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Maya will accept.


Biomutant - Mito

Mito is a lantern-maker who has a stall set up way out in the canyons of the Knupstonies. If you need someone who can whip up a light (or a good pun about light), Mito is going to be good company. If you’re not looking for that stuff, though, you might want to save that empty seat for someone else.

Note that you can’t recruit him until after you’ve completed Noko’s quests.

Oh, and he really, really likes the light, so it probably goes without saying what his Ark preferences are (but I’ll post them anyway).

  • Maximum Light Aura – Mito will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Mito will decline.

Moog Munsterhonter

Biomutant - Moog

Moog is a monster hunter… erm, Munster Honter… with a tendency to fight giant beasts (or at least convince willing game protagonists to do so). You never know what you’ll encounter in your Ark adventures, so having someone along who can slay terrible monsters could be quite useful.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Moog will decline.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Moog will accept.


Biomutant - Noko

Noko is a Gnoatgroomer who lives in a crumbled little village called Gnoat Pen. Depending on where you end up, it could be advantageous to have someone who’s good with animals along for the ride.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Noko will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Noko will decline.


Biomutant - Nova

For me, Nova was an obvious pick for the Ark. Her head is in the stars already, so she’s well-prepared for a life in space. But even if you don’t draft her, you should definitely finish her quest line, as it will let you get the Ark Suit (which is the perfect outfit for your Ark shenanigans).

  • Maximum Light Aura – Nova will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Nova will accept.


Biomutant - Pebble

Pebble is admittedly one of my favorite characters in Biomutant, so choosing him was a no-brainer for me. He can be a bit of a downer at first (which is actually a huge part of the appeal for me), but he’s also earnest and has a sense of responsibility. If you have any problems, Pebble seems like the sort who will try to do what he can to help you out, and that seems like a great quality for an Ark-mate.

Oh, and completing his quests will grant you access to the Batnam-Nam, which is not necessarily a flying mount, but it’s close enough.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Pebble will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Pebble will accept.

Sol Slenderstiff

Biomutant - Sol

Sol can be found in the Aerodome in the Kluppy Dunes, way up in the northern part of the map. He likes to be alone, and he likes to spend time with his books. While he does show some interest in the Ark, I can’t imagine he’d be too happy stuffed aboard a tiny little spacecraft with six other critters. He’s probably a good conversationalist, since he’s a bookwork and all, but I would feel bad bringing him on a journey where he’d rarely be alone. After all, Sol is short for Solitary.

Oh, but absolutely finish his questline. He offers you Sol’s Trunk, which is legitimately one of the most entertaining (and also useful) items in the game.

  • Maximum Light Aura – Sol will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Sol will decline.


Biomutant - Trim

Trim is a barber who’s got a shop set up at Spurftop, just outside the village of Flibberdit. If your voyage on the Ark is a long one, you probably will need someone who can deal with your shaggy hair, right?

  • Maximum Light Aura – Trim will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Trim will accept.

Whiz Tinkertonker

Biomutant - Whiz Tinkertonker

Whiz has a knack for fixing contraptions — he’s your dude for getting the Octopod working and fighting the northwest Worldeater. Once you’ve completed the fourth Worldeater, you have the option of returning to Whiz and inviting him onto the Ark, You could probably use that mechanical skill in case something goes wrong, right?

  • Maximum Light Aura – Whiz will accept.
  • Maximum Dark Aura – Whiz will accept.
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3 years ago

Couple of thing you put light would agree and light wouldn’t agree so which one is it lol

3 years ago

On Gizmo you put max light wouldn’t agree

3 years ago

You actually can get Maya with max dark, I don’t know if it’s because I did the first two worldeaters as a dark tribe and switched to a light tribe for the second two, but Maya can join you on the Ark.

1 year ago

noko declined on both ligh and dark playthroughs why

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