In Biomutant, there are several different types of skill points that can be invested into abilities and upgrades. Depending on the type of skill point, these could be spent on resistances, mutation skills, Wung-Fu skills, or even weapon skills.

Bio Points are one of two skill point types that can be invested into mutation skills. Needless to say, you’re going to want a whole bunch of these (the game is called Biomutant, after all), so I’ve created a complete guide to Bio Points.

Let’s get mutating!

What are Bio Points used for?


There are two different types of mutations in Biomutant: Biogenetics and Psi. Biogenetic mutations grant you physical abilities, while Psi mutations grant you Psi (or psychokinetic) abilities. In the Biomutant explainer video, Psi powers are described as “X-Men-style powers,” though I don’t think that’s super accurate. If I really wanted to make an X-Men comparison (and believe me, I do), I would say that Biogenetic mutations would be closer to the abilities of Beast or Cyclops, while Psi abilities would be closer to the abilities of Jean Grey.

While I could certainly ramble about X-Men for much, much longer than that, I need to get back to the topic at hand. In Biomutant, examples of Biogenetic abilities include Fungi, which lets you spawn a bouncy mushroom on the ground, and Mucus Bubble, which creates a giant sticky bubble that you can roll around in.

Biogenetic mutation abilities are purchased with Bio Points.

Biomutant - Upgrade Resistance

However, they also have another use: You can invest Bio Points into resistances. There are five main hazard types in the game: heat, cold, radioactive, hypoxia, and biohazard. You have resistances against all five, and Bio Points can be invested into all of them except for hypoxia. You’ll upgrade in increments of 10%, but upgrades will get more expensive as you get closer to 100%. And yes, you can upgrade to 100%, which allows you to travel through hazard zones without armor. Believe me, this is incredibly useful for late-game.

So where do you get these tasty, tasty Bio Points? Well, there are two ways to get them, and I’ll walk you through both of those.

Harvest Bio Points from Bioblob Containers

Biomutant - Bioblob Container

You can find Bioblob Containers (pictured above) scattered across the open world of Biomutant. Each container will grant you one Bio Point.

Typically, if an area has a Bioblob Container, it will show up as one of the area objectives.

Biomutant - Bioblob Container

They’re not super hard to find, but they’re also not as plentiful as you’d hope if you’re really trying to max out all four resistances in a single playthrough (there are five resistances, but you can only invest Bio Points into four of them — hypoxia gets no love from Bio Points).

Thankfully, there’s a much better way to farm Bio Points.

Kill Morks to harvest Bio Points

Biomutant - Morks

A Mork is a type of enemy that looks like a giant, moldy ant. According to an in-game description:

The Morks produce biomatter in their multiorgan that they shed under distress, blobs that affect the cellular coding strands of any living being when absorbed, including you.

The short version for non-lore-nerds: Morks shed Bio Points. Every time you kill a Mork, you’ll get one Bio Point. Unless, of course, you’re killing one of the giant ones (the Mega Morks), in which case you’ll get three Bio Points.


Unlike the Bio Containers, Morks will respawn over time. This means they’re a much better source of Bio Points if you’re looking to do some grinding.

So where should you look? Well, you can usually find Morks in any biohazard zone. Biohazard zones are easy to spot because they show up as a pea green patch on your world map. They’ll also usually contain a nuclear silo, but not always.

Biomutant - Biohazard Zone

Once you’ve found a biohazard zone (you might need to put on your Biohazard Suit first), you’re looking for a Mork nest. They look like this:

Biomutant - Mork Nest

Since they have glowing yellow spots on them, they’re not difficult to find. If you can’t find any aboveground, you might want to check in the Gutways (AKA sewers). Gutways usually have a Mork nest, as well as a few Bioblob Containers, so they’re a great place to start if you’re looking to rack up Bio Points.

And that’s pretty much everything you’ll need to know about farming Bio Points in Biomutant!

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