Biomutant - Chopping Wood

There are five resources you’ll need to collect if you plan on doing a lot of crafting in Biomutant: klink, wood, polym, rubby, and E-waste (shown below in that order).

Biomutant - Resources

Note that these numbers cap out at 99, but it does seem like you can keep earning materials beyond 99 — they’ll just be accumulating blindly.

Of these five resources, there’s a good chance that wood is going to be the one that gives you the most trouble. Not only will you need it for crafting, but you’ll also need to find a lot of it if you plan on helping to rebuild burned-down villages. So the more wood you have, the better off you’ll be.

I’ve come up with three somewhat reliable methods for farming wood (and other resources) in Biomutant. The methods listed here will help you find wood specifically, but they should also work for any of the other resources as well.

Knock down resource totems

Biomutant - Wood Totem

Resource totems are essentially piles of scrap that are left out for scavengers to pick away at. There are different types, and each type contains a different resource. The image above shows what wood totems look like.

To collect wood from a totem, simply bash away at it with melee attacks. Each totem should drop between one and five pieces of wood.

This is the most obvious way to farm wood in the game, but it also requires you to find totems. That means you’re at the mercy of the game’s generosity here. Thankfully, there are a couple other ways to farm wood in Biomutant.

Kill bandits

Biomutant - Bandits

There are several groups of bandits who will attack you as you explore the world of Biomutant, and they often hold small amounts of resources. Now, by bandits, I mean the sentient beings that wear clothes and fight with weapons and are about the same size as the player character. I’m not referring to basic monsters or the larger miniboss-style enemies (though bandits will often fight alongside minibosses). Members of rival tribes do count as well, so long as they’re the smaller ones and not the miniboss-sized ones.

Occasionally, a defeated bandit (or rival tribe member) will leave behind a small glowing patch on the ground.

Biomutant - Glowy

This means they’ve dropped some resources. Simply walk over to the glowy to collect whatever resources it holds. The higher your Luck attribute, the more common this should be, so if you plan on using bandits as your primary means of resource collecting, you’ll want to pump as many points into Luck as possible.

Note that klink seems to be the most common resource for bandits to drop, and wood might very well be the rarest. So without a ton of Luck, this method is more of a “nice to have” rather than a sufficient means of resource farming. And even with a high Luck stat, this is going to be a slow, slow way of accumulating resources. If you’re looking for klink specifically, though, this could actually be a decent way to farm it.

Thankfully, there’s still another way to get wood (and other resources) in Biomutant, and it’s the best one by far.

Scrap your inventory

Biomutant - Scrap

Just about anything that ends up in your inventory (excluding keys and quest items) can be scrapped. While that will destroy the item, it will also produce resources. If you look closely at the image above, you’ll notice that there’s a +1 on the wood resource icon. This means that scrapping that particular item will produce one wood (and one klink, but who’s counting?)

Biomutant - Scrap

Note that you can scrap clothing this same way (which is surprisingly lucrative), and you can break down any weapons you don’t want into components, which can also be scrapped. This means that you can buy clothing, weapons, and components from vendors around the world, then break those down into crafting resources.

Since you’re constantly picking up loot in Biomutant, this is going to be the best way to collect mountains of resources. Just be careful that you don’t end up destroying something you were planning on saving for later in the process.

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No one
1 year ago

Garbage article

1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

Don’t listen to them. You did a great job bringing up these points. Some of these I haven’t even realized that I can do them. Thank you!

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1 year ago

this article wins just for telling me the name of the resources.. it took me way too long to figure out e-waste and where to best find it..

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